Our Secret 7th Sense… and How to Use It!

Our Secret 7th Sense… and How to Use It!


You’ve heard of our 6th sense of intuition, right?

If you’ve ever dabbled in developing it you probably discovered how useful your intuition is for clarity, decision-making and walking the most joyful path in life.

Unfortunately, intuitive development is not really main steam yet and we have a ways to go before our kids are learning it in school! Once our intuition becomes as recognized as our other senses, the world will see a huge shift out of fear-mode and into peace and ease!

Like our other senses – the more we use our intuition the more keen it gets and the more helpful it becomes in reaching our deepest desires. It blatantly guides us to the people, ideas and resources we need. That’s one of the reasons I make it a high priority skill to develop with all my clients.


But there is another extremely powerful sense we all have the ability to develop. One that’s kind of secret.

Some of us naturally use it, yet many of us haven’t tapped into it.

This sense has the capacity to heal relationships, slash limiting beliefs, transform emotions and bring about limitless joy.

It even has the power to bring you closer to the divine.

Can you guess what it is?


It’s your sense of HUMOR.

And no, I’m not joking;)

What’s remarkable about our sense of humor is that it IS mainstream – humans have been cultivating humor for millennia – we love to laugh and inherently know that is is GOOD for us on a deep level.

But what’s even more remarkable is that we are largely unaware of the power of developing and using our sense of humor – CONSCIOUSLY- to thrive in our lives.


The following are some examples of how to use your 7th sense of humor to reach your deepest desires and attain lightness, peace, freedom and joy:

1. When you are in an argument with someone you love, activate humor by laughing at something about the situation – heavy drama can be super funny if you step outside of it for a second.

2. When you are afraid of a situation imagine a ridiculous version of your reality – like the ol’ public speaking trick to imagine everyone in the audience naked!

3. When feeling blue, start fake laughing – make it silly so the silliness further feeds your laughter.

4. Relish the witty and humorous ways the Universe brings you signs – yes – humor is the preferred language of the Divine Intelligence/subconscious/quantum field etc.

5. Whenever you feel very serious, ask yourself “what if none of this mattered,” or shrug your shoulders with a chuckle and a “so what?”


Activating our sense of humor raises our vibration and personal gravity.

It releases highly beneficial hormones in the brain that trigger a natural healing high - keeping us young inside and out.

And if you need any other reasons to develop you sense of humor here’s one more: humor is infectious in the best way. It instantaneously jumpstarts the vibration of those around us and has a massive ripple effect of joy and elation. It connects and bonds us together and stokes intimacy – with loved ones and strangers alike! It paves the way to forgiveness, release and gratitude. Plus when we are more joyful we are healthier and more effective which leads to more productivity and success.

So what will you commit to doing today to flex your sense of humor?

In reverence for your smile,

Bec xoxo

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How a “Life Review” Can Change Everything

How a “Life Review” Can Change Everything


Are you one of those people who sets resolutions?

Do you put aside some goal reflection time around the start of the year or your birthday?


If you do, then I can totally relate – with my own birthday coming up in a couple of weeks, I can already feel “the call” to turn in and take a long, hard look at my life and desires and how they have evolved over the last year as well as assess what’s coming up ahead: home and travel-schooling my daughter Meelah, moving house, bridging more time into writing my fantasy-fiction series to name a few…even rib surgery counts as a goal this year!

Assessing desires and setting tangible goals to feed those desires is an important part of the co-creative process but first, there’s one other (BIG) step we need to take to make sure our desires and goals align with our souls authentically – to make sure we’re focussed and clear and not just chasing the next shiny thing that comes by.

I call it a Life Review.

Much like a business review or financial review – a Life Review is a preliminary step to all planning!


A Life Review is much deeper and more comprehensive than assessing our desires and goal setting. It involves the following things:

1. Finding and replacing any active limiting beliefs – this is what’s feeding our fears and blocks.

2. Scanning for residual emotions that need to be expressed – these also hold us back (big time) from creative flow, joy and freedom.

3. Reviewing and realigning with our life’s purpose - so we can clearly focus on co-creating our soul’s authentic vision


Once we have that information it’s a whole lot easier to prioritize our desires and goals and determine which action steps we most need to devote our time, money and energy to. Setting goals and making them reality becomes easy and clear – and JOYFUL!

If we skip over this deeper Life Review we often end up “spinning” in our goals and actions. We become distracted, confused, overwhelmed and frustrated – wondering “why life is hard” or “why nothing is happening!” We waste a lot of our time end energy as opposed to maximizing our resources in a focused way!

The best part is – you never have to wait to do a Life Review. YES, it is a powerful step during times of transition or loss but mostly, the best time is RIGHT NOW!


With a gentle nudge towards your greatest joy,

Bec xoxo

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A Simple Mindset Secret To Get What You Want

A Simple Mindset Secret To “Get What You Want”


Still chasing after your burning desire – that relationship, that bank balance, that dream career?

How about a desired feeling – are you struggling to experience peace, abundance or joy?

So much of our effort goes into thinking about what we don’t have yet and how far away it is. We wonder about how we will ever grasp our desires, agonizing about making the right decisions.

But all this kind of thinking, yearning and agonizing is actually working against us.

When we focus on what is not and “feel the void” we wish to fill it creates the perpetuance of that void! It’s the universal Law of Attraction at work!

So how do we make sure we attract what we want instead or more wanting of it?

By feeling the ALREADINESS of having our desires!

Stepping into ALREADINESS simply means we have to fake it ’til we make it. We have to think, act and feel as if we ALREADY are experiencing what we desire. All with the commitment of an actor on stage – even if it seems like your deluding yourself!

So the next time you catch yourself pining for what you want or commiserating about how far away it is try this simple sequence:


1. STOP thinking. Just STOP the inner dialogue.

2. State an ALREADINESS thought to yourself like the following:

My soulmate is already on their way…

I am already making $10,000 per month…

My body is already at my perfect weight…YES!!

3. Repeat often, especially when feeling discouraged or hopeless!


If it helps, wear a bracelet to remind you to step into ALREADINESS every time you see it. The more you can already feel the outcome you want the FASTER it will unfold in your reality!


Much love,

Bec xoxo

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