The “Invisible” Cause of Our Struggles

The “Invisible” Cause of Our Struggles


Can we talk about blocks for a moment?

You know… those things… inside us…that get in the way of what we want to have or experience? Those things that are causing us to STRUGGLE?

If you’re working through any blocks at the moment, there’s something you need to know…


There are two kinds of blocks that we deal with: visible and invisible.

Visible blocks are, well, blocks we KNOW we have: specific fears, resistances, restrictions etc.

For example, after my marriage breakdown 5 years ago I KNEW:

– I was terrified to live alone

– I was allergic to getting a 9-5 job

– I didn’t have a reliable income source after having traded in my career to parent

…among a laundry list of other blocks.

And because I was aware of these blocks I could actively work through them, bit by bit, both on my own and by enlisting help.


But what I didn’t know at the time was that there is a whole other breed of block which is INVISIBLE. These are the fears, resistances and restrictions that I DIDN’T know I had.

Turns out, these blocks, because they are covert, are not as easily tempered or worked out, so they become many times stronger than the blocks we are conscious of. Largely, it is our invisible (or unconscious) blocks that are most strongly sabotaging us. Like ninjas in the night they create chaos and struggle in our reality!


So how do we deal with these pesky blocks?

We must BECOME aware of them! Shine a light on them and identify them…which brings them into our conscious awareness. That task, in and of it self, already has the power to vanquish them.


Use the following 3 steps to dig up your hidden blocks so you can stop inadvertently creating struggle and chaos!


1. Take a good look at your current life and identify:

What sucks?

What is not working?

What causes you pain or grief?

Where are you not flowing or receiving?

Are you struggling with money? Do you relationship always end in betrayal? Is your health taking hit after hit?


2.  Take responsibility for creating that reality (unconsciously, of course!)

This is what its sounds like: “OK so I’m struggling, and I’m creating this reality without realizing it. Time to get to the bottom of it.”

You can’t change anything you don’t take responsibility for. If things are “happening to you” you will never be able to change them. Even though it might feel like you’re not personally creating what you experience…I promise you, you are. The sooner you own it the sooner you can change it!


3.  Make new decisions about what’s true!

Our experience is always reflecting to us what we have decided is true about ourselves or the world. If we are struggling with cash flow chances are, we have decided that “money is hard to make” or “we can’t manage money.” If our partners end up cheating we’ve probably decided “we’re not worthy of love,” or “it’s not safe to trust men.”

We have a whole system of stories that we have made up as true (aka. our belief system) that we may not even realize we have! If you’re not loving life it means some of your stories are NOT true and need to be discarded.

Your entire life is SHOWING YOU what you have decided to be true. What you perceive and experience is dictated by your past decisions – most of which you haven’t even realized you’ve even decided!

Your past decisions are the invisible blocks causing you to make choices that keep you stuck in chaos and struggle! Don’t like it? GOOD! Start to decide what you’d rather see at what us true. Start deciding that “money is easy to make and manage,” and “that you deserve to be loved by a man you can trust.”



Remind yourself daily of what you now decide is true and you will begin to see the blocks melt away!

Unblocking you always,

Bec xoxo

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The Unknown Power of a Daily Ritual

The Unknown Power of a Daily Ritual


What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

Check your emails, hop in the shower, eat or drink something specific?

What about at night, right before hitting the sack?

Do you read something inspiring, meditate, exercise,  journal?


I’m sure you’ve heard this: What you focus on expands.

But I bet you didn’t know that what you focus on upon waking sets the tone for your day and what you focus on before drifting off seeps into your subconscious mind while you sleep!

That’s why it’s important to be careful and deliberate about what you focus on at the beginning and end of your day.

Enter: the ritual.


A ritual is described as a set of fixed actions or words performed regularly.

Rituals can be used as a type of “focus management” system that help us optimize our energy, thrive creatively and improve our lives …as long as our rituals are designed to serve us.

Many of us have automatic rituals in place that can be detrimental. For example, checking emails first thing can drain our energy or overload us with information often leading to exhaustion, anxiety and confusion later in the day.


Before I was taught the power of a deliberate personal ritual by one of my mentors I thought rituals were an indulgence, a waste of time, hokey even – especially with so many things on my to-do list!

But once I experimented with my own morning and evening rituals, I experienced a HUGE influx of ease, effectiveness and energy in my life! My days flowed when I was committed; when I skipped, I was distracted and stressed!


Ritual is an integral part of the co-creative work I now do with clients. It is through ritual that I have seen people build dream businesses, find soul-mates, pay off debt, kick nasty habits and many other things. 

So how do we create and sustain rituals for ourselves?

Here are 4 tips you can use to create a ritual that helps YOU thrive:


1. Set aside a time and duration. 

Choose times when you have peace and solitude. If that’s not possible, educate your family members about your ritual and why it’s important, so they give you a bit of personal time. Mornings and evenings are great times to set up a ritual. We can beat other people to waking and carve out time after everyone else goes down. You don’t need to a lot of time for your ritual – even 5 minutes morning and/or night can work miracles. You can always add on time later. If you aim for a half hour right away, it often feels “too long” to fit in, where 5 minutes is doable.

2. Select a consistent space.

The spaces you choose doesn’t have to be fancy or decorated, just consistent. Preparation and consistency will allow you to “sink into” your ritual quickly without wasting time or energy. I use the floor next to my bed right under the window in the morning and a log at my favourite viewpoint on my walk. At night I just sit up against my headboard so I can easily transition from my ritual to sleep.

3. Choose actions with the highest benefit to you.

Experiment with different actions and sequences. The best way to develop a ritual that serves you is to try out different combinations and see how they feel. The first step is writing out a list of all possible actions that benefit you or help you thrive/heal/recover/prepare etc. You can make one list of actions for morning and one for night. It’s best to select actions that don’t involve others and allow you to turn inside. Lengthen your ritual over time and let it evolve as you do. Start out with 1-3 actions that you can easily and joyfully get through in 5 minutes.

Here are some ideas: meditating, reading or listening to high quality inspiration content, yoga, walking, breathing exercises, sipping some tea, affirmations, chanting mantras, reviewing your intentions or goals, journaling, setting your emotional vibration or visualizing your day ahead.

4. Commitment, consistency and accountability.

The benefits of a ritual are most profound when we are committed, consistent and accountable. Prioritizing your ritual will help you unleash the greatest joy, abundance and peace within you.

My rituals are scheduled in my calendar like real appointments. If it’s scheduled, it’s more likely to happen! Missing a day occasionally WILL happen so remember, commitment is about recommitment. If you stop for a few days… just begin again. Be gentle on yourself and have fun with your ritual – this will make it more inviting and effective!

Finally, enlist someone to be accountable to while you are cultivating your “ritual habit.” Share with a friend or partner WHY you are doing it and they will be inspired to support you.  Accountability can be as simple as sending a text before or after the ritual is done, no response required.


If you are ready to unleash the immense power of a simple 5 minute daily ritual, you can begin right away by following the above 4 steps!


Now go create,

Bec xoxo

PS. If you are curious about creating an outcome in your life through the INSPIRED Creative Process that this ritual work is a part of then be sure to apply for a free 30 minute Discovery Session with me here!





4 Questions that Reveal YOUR Path to Happiness

4 Questions that Reveal YOUR Path to Happiness 


How is your joy level these days?

What about your levels of abundance, peace, satisfaction or enthusiasm?

I’m asking because these are some of the major emotional experiences that contribute to YOUR HAPPINESS! 

I remember, back in the dark days when my marriage, career and health simultaneously failed, my levels (of all of the above) were super low. And, you guessed it….I was NOT happy.

I thought my unhappiness was a result of my outer circumstances and if I just changed those circumstances THEN I would be happy. And then… joyabundance, peace, satisfaction and enthusiasm would automatically follow!

Thankfully, I discovered the truth.

The path is NOT:

Improve our outer circumstances -> Feel happy -> Experience joyabundance, peace, satisfaction and enthusiasm

It’s actually:

Activate our joyabundance, peace, satisfaction and enthusiasm -> Feel happy -> Experience automatic improvement in our outer circumstances

So how do we just “activate” joy, abundance, peace, satisfaction and enthusiasm?

We use something called a “Happiness Code.”

Your “Happiness Code” is a map of who you really are and what you’re here to create. It’s your UNIQUE PATH to happiness! It shows you what your most authentic life looks like and helps you make decisions that align you with that life every day.

When you make aligned choices, you live authentically every day. This naturally activates  joy, abundance, peace, satisfaction and enthusiasm within you because you are not at odds with your true nature!

The secret to cracking your own unique “Happiness Code” is to ask yourself a series of powerful questions. My life was in chaos before I had the wherewithal to ask such questions. I discovered the hard way, the importance of knowing who I was at my core.

For instance, I never realized that:

*I valued personal freedom and inner peace above all

*I had the resources and ability to create and sustain my own home-based business that improves the lives of others

*I love our planet and was an advocate for it’s health and healing

*I enjoy living a radical and unconventional lifestyle

Even just these few pieces of my code allow me to make consistent, clear, confident decisions like only working 2-3 days a week, homeschooling, going vegetarian (and eventually raw vegan!), doing my yoga teacher training with my daughter and leading an independent lifestyle.

But that’s just ME – IMAGINE! We each have a one-of-a-kind code that allows us to make aligned decisions and create a reality that reflects who we really are.

When I work with people to create their desires the very first thing we do is crack their “Happiness Code.” We use over 100 high quality questions that act as specialized decoders for their entire map.

You can begin cracking your own “Happiness Code” by answering the following 4 umbrella questions:

1. What is most important to you and why?

2. What do you love most and why?

3. What do you desire to create most and why?

4. What blessings (gifts, skills, wisdoms, ideas etc.) do you have to share with the world and how could you share them?

Take note of everything that comes up for you and write it on a single page or poster – I guarantee you will see a constellation of yourself that is profound, enlightening and inspiring. You will see where your life is out of alignment and what new decisions you can now make to activate your joy, abundance, peace, satisfaction and enthusiasm!

Even if you have asked such questions before, it’s important to revisit them at least once a year, especially during times of transition or decision-making. That’s because your “Happiness Code” evolves as you do and is constantly revealing new information about you!

Much love and happiness,

Bec xoxo

PS. Interested in mapping out your entire “Happiness Code” so you can create an authentic life and business that aligns with all parts of you? I invite you to apply for a Discovery Session with me here, so I can show you how:)