The 10 Freedoms: What Does YOUR Freedom Look Like?

The 10 Freedoms: What Does YOUR Freedom Look Like?


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be totally and completely free?

Free to be who you are deep, down inside, free to express yourself, create all you want and follow your bliss?

Free from fear, suffering, blocks and limitations?

Through hundreds and hundreds of interviews, sessions and conversations with people it’s become evident to me that FREEDOM is one of the most common values and desires of the human heart.


Not just freedom TO –

to be

to have

to do


But freedom FROM –

from adversity

from struggle

from pain.


Personally, FREEDOM is the single most important of my own Soul Values. So it’s a concept and experience that I am vicious about understanding and creating as well as helping others create. I know first hand the dire consequences of leading a life OUT of alignment with freedom: breakdown. Career, relationship, health or entire life breakdown.


So what does your freedom look like?

The following 10 Most Common Freedoms will help you identify the unique combination of freedom that your soul values. Once you identify what YOUR freedom looks like, you can more easily begin to CREATE CHANGE in your life to honour those freedoms.


Here they are:

1. Financial Freedom – access to monetary resources or money-creating strategies to invest in other things or experineces of value

2. Time Freedom – ample time in your life to spend in ways that generate joy and fulfillment

3. Location Freedom – the ability to move about in the world at your whim without being bound to a particular place

4. Expressive Freedom – the ability to share your authentic thoughts, feelings and experiences in your unique way so that it can be received by others

5. Mental Freedom – freedom from destructive throughts or mental systems like limiting beliefs, blocks, fears and judgements

6. Emotional Freedom – the ability to allow, experience, process  and leverage all your emotional currents

7. Relational Freedom – the ability to love and be loved by the Self, others and the Divine Intelligence, freedom from disharmony and disconnection with others

8. Physical Freedom – freedom in your body, freedom to move without pain, tension or frustration, freedom from health concerns or restrictions

9. Choice Freedom  – the ability to authentically say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to all of what life presents without issue and to make decisions easily

10. Spiritual Freedom – freedom to believe in and connect with your own (possibly unique) spiritual paradigm that serves you implicitly and frees you from all fear, worry, confusion and suffering


Now, as you were reading through them did some sparkle more to you than others? THOSE are your unique freedoms of value! And those can now be held up in all the areas of your life (vocation, relationship, lifestyle etc.) to see if your life choices honour these freedoms. If not, focusing on creating these freedoms where they are missing will drastically improve your living experience.


You may have noticed that some of these freedoms are closely linked to one another. You may also have noticed that your “freedom profile” may include quite a few of these, more than you perhaps expected.

Indeed, they EACH has significant importance to me! When I discovered my extensive “freedom profile” 5 years ago I overhauled my entire life to honour ALL of the above and now I live them every day!


If you are curious about how I created full life freedom and how working together in my INSPIRED Living Coaching Program will activate your FREEDOMS, apply for a free 30-minute Discovery Session with me here:)

Freedom be yours always,

Bec xxoo






Top 10 Secrets to LOVE Your Life in 2015

Top 10 Secrets to LOVE Your Life in 2015 




Interested in making 2015 “the year you fall head over heels in love with your life?”

That is my New Year’s wish for you: that you LOVE who you are and what you are up to each and every day!

The New Year tends to brim with new ideas and inspiration for your success and abundance - that means there’s extra energy swirling around that you can tap into to help you make this the year you fall in love with your relationships, your vocation, your lifestyle – your entire Self!

Want to tap into this energy?

These 10 steps will help you avoid past patterns that have been blocking you and direct your energy in a new way – focused towards authentic, healthy and purposeful living. Use them to fall in love with ALL of your life this year!


1. Create a morning ritual.

What we focus our attention and energy on first thing sets the tone for our entire day and thus, our entire life. A consistent morning ritual helps us get off on the right foot. So what do you do before starting your day? Do you connect within, breathe awareness into you body, read or craft intentions or do you check emails, go into fear or make everyone and everything else besides you a priority? Focus on what’s most important and that is what will grow this year.

2. Become a steward for your time.

Time is our most precious commodity. Once spent, we can’t get back. Treat your time like gold, spending it on only what is most valuable to you. When we honor our time it has a ripple effect on our other resources because our resources are all fundamentally the same thing – energy. How we relate to one aspect of energy is how we relate to all aspects of our energy. When you start respecting and leveraging your time, you will not only have more of it but more money, connections, ideas and physical energy.

3. Choose love.

Our reality is determined by one thing: our moment-to-moment decisions. What we choose to think, feel, say and do are the building blocks of your life. And these choices can be governed by either love or fear. If we feel constricted, depressed or angry we are choosing fear over love in that moment. Forgive yourself for choosing fear and then choose love right then and there. We create the greatest change in our lives not from the big changes but in the small changes made consistently!

4. Get out of resistance.

Resistance blocks the flow of energy in our lives – it stops us from giving and receiving things like ideas, support, money or love. Resistance takes many forms: judgment, deprivation, clinging, blame, resentment and suppression. Wherever you might be resisting the flow of energy, this is the year to open the floodgates…when energy flows the creation of any desire becomes possible.

5. Put health systems in place.

We need optimal health to be powerful and to create impact in our lives but our health is often the first thing to fall of the radar when life gets busy or overwhelming – exactly when we need it most. Avoid health breakdown by putting a system in place to make sure our health is on autopilot. It could be yoga or a walk three times week, a green smoothie or high quality meal replacement a day, a meditation before bed – write up your “system” like a prescription and make it non–negotiable!

6. Create energetic voids.

Creating voids is a way of making space for the energy of your desires to flow towards you more efficiently. Put the launch of your business or a first date into your calendar, open a couple more bank accounts to prepare to receive more money, clear the clothes that make you feel “less than” out of your closet, practice your thank you spiel for when you get that raise. Think outside the box and get creative, this is a fun one!

7. Focus your efforts within.

We spend 90% of our energy focusing on the outer steps of our life, like what to do next, whom to call, what to change in our environment. But once we start focusing that energy on our inner work like rewiring our limiting beliefs, releasing emotional blocks and developing our intuition, the outer stuff becomes a cakewalk! Our inner state governs our reality because it informs our choices. Clean up your inside world and watch your outer world flourish!

8. Become magnetic.

Brush up on the Law of Attraction. Emotionally experiencing your desired outcome consistently – use visualization, meditation and mantras to draw that future towards you in the most effortless manner. This step can be incorporated into your daily ritual. Really feeling what it’s like to have a $20,000 day in your business, to hold that baby in your arms, to see the Eiffel Tower folds time and space between you and your desire.

9. Connect.

Other people are the gateways to every resource,  idea, dollar or connection you need to walk toward your destiny. In today’s day and age it’s too easy to isolate. And our lack of daily connection – making new connections and sustaining existing connections has a huge cost. It cuts us off from the supply of energy. At the very least we must cultivate daily connection with the divine source of all things. Whether through prayer, meditation or writing, our connection to unlimited and eternal support is at the core of our ability to be powerful co-creators.

10. Awaken to your life’s purpose.

We all have the same purpose: to consciously create a reality for ourselves that reflects the truth of who we are. But until we KNOW who we are it can be challenging to create a life that is authentic. If you feel disconnected from your authenticity, this is the year to start asking some big questions like: What do I really desire? Why? What are my gifts, values, skills and wisdoms? What am I here to contribute and create and what can I alter in my life to begin building that reality? It’s never to early or too late to start living on purpose. With the right support a purposeful life is only a few decisions away.


Loving your Life,

Bec oxox

PS. Of all of these steps aligning with your purpose has the greatest power to help you fall in love with your life! If you are ready to get a glimpse of your soul blueprint and finally understand who you really are and what you are truly here to create – you won’t want to miss out on the New Years Life Purpose Package. Find out more right here!



You Are the Gift

You Are the Gift




At this sacred time of year

When stillness descends upon us

And light takes pause

Before gracing us again


When we are drawn together

And drawn within

To reflect and love

To commune and give


Remember: You are the Gift.


You are the chasm of peace

Electric joy

You are soft grace

Freedom’s embrace.


You are the beauty of sadness

Spectacular fear

You are twisting pain

The dance of struggle and strain.


Healing, forgiveness, beauty, you are

Wrath, judgement, rejection, you are

And all of you, ALL you are,

Is a Gift. The Gift. Of You.


At this sacred time of year

Your existence

Your infinite expression

is the Gift I cherish most.


With a grateful heart

And a humble soul

Thank you

For the Gift of You.


Merry Christmas Sweet Soul.


Bec xo