The 5 Biggest Up-and-Coming Happiness Trends

Ready to shed the winter blues and boost your mood in time for spring?

It’s proven that handling your own happiness will significantly improve your relationships, make and save you more money, help you lose weight and optimize you health …and much, MUCH more!

So why not stop waiting for someone or something else to bring you happiness and take it into your own hands?

There are simple things you can do everyday to increase your feelings of happiness and well-being. And like everything else, the art and science of happiness keeps evolving with new trends year after year!

Here are the top 5 trends in emotional wellness for this year that are sure to give your brain chemistry a happiness makeover:

1. Gather.

Coming together in community is an age old happiness strategy that we have fallen away from over the last few decades with the technological advances like the internet and smart phones. Communal tables in restaurants, communal housing with central gathering spaces and a shared economy are growing in popularity! Where can you connect more? where are you isolating and avoiding human connection? Reach out, open up and lean on a community of others to replenish your primal sense of well-being.

2. Simplify.

Hygge (hue-gah), the Danish traditional art of well-being, is a trending feel-good philosophy this year. Based on ideas like less is more, quality over quantity, inclusion and cozy spaces, it encourages a simple life and working less. Honoring Hygge as a way of life leaves you with less stress, pressure and isolation. It guides you through creating nourishing space both inside and out so you can enjoy and savor the little things in life. What can you let go of in your life… stuff you don’t need? Outdated ambitions or expectations? Focus on the pleasure and joy you receive from the simple, ordinary things in your life for sustainable contentment.

3. Practice.

Sustaining “happiness brain chemistry” takes a bit of effort every day. Having a regular daily ritual or practice that helps you stay calm, embodied, positive and clear in your mind is golden. It’s not about spending hours at a time on inner management but rather about daily consistency – like taking one vitamin per day vs. a whole bottle of vitamins at once hoping it will even you out for the week! What are you doing to inject your brain with happiness hormones each day? Are you meditating, exercising, journaling, listening to inspiring podcasts? Make mind/heart management a part of your non-negotiable daily routine for huge gains in your mood.

4. Give.

The act of giving, whether is giving your time, your attention, your spare change or support releases a slough of happiness chemicals in the brain. Not only does it feel good to give, but the act of giving opens a void in your energetic matrix for you to receive. When we give, we create space to allow things we want and need to flow towards us, further amping up our good feelings. Where are you withholding? What could you give more of and to whom or what? Activate the spirit of generosity, both to others and yourself, to access deep levels of well-being.

5. Play.

In our workaholic, “keep up with the Jones’s” culture we overdo ourselves and work hard to get what we think is necessary for success. The irony is that having fun and feeling joyful and happy is actually a more effective route to true holistic success! Most people put play and fun at the bottom of their to-do list, treating it like a luxury, when it is a critical aspect of our human basic needs. The brain associates play with survival and learning. Play has tremendous benefits to our health and well-being, our personal success and our relationships. Everyone has a different way to play… what’s play to you? Is it going to a movie is it a morning kayak, is it playing board games with the kids, a nice book and a bubble bath or a trip to somewhere exploring a new culture and environment? Start playing and watch how easy success can be!

Which trend will you try? Stay tuned for an announcement in the next couple week where I will be sharing an unforgettable opportunity to adventure into some of these trends with me!!

Much love,

Bec xoxo

This Powerful Love Magnet is in Your Hands!

Ever wonder what it takes to experience unconditional love in your life?

To you, it might look like finding your ideal life partner.

Or maybe it means healing a broken relationship with a spouse.

It might even look like more closeness, openness and intimacy with a child or parent.

If you are missing this kind of deep and powerful love in any area of your life, I have some good news for you. There’s a powerful magnet available to you that you already have! And when you learn to use this magnet properly it will activate the flow of unconditional love into all the relationships in your life.

It will attract a soul mate, it will cure relationship conflict and it will profoundly deepen your existing connections!

The magnet I am talking about is: Self-Love.

Self-Love is critical when it comes to relationship health across the board. In fact, your level of Self’-Love sets the bar with how much love you are able to receive and perceive coming to you from the world around you.

I learned this the hard way in my marriage over a decade ago. My levels of Self-Love were in the negatives! In fact, I was extremely critical and self-loathing with myself. Judging and putting pressure on myself were bad mental habits I had learned growing up and they took a huge toll on my ability to experience deep and profound love.

No matter how much my husband loved me, no matter how much he did to show me his love (and he did a lot!)… I was incapable to receiving and perceiving his love for me. See, my “love set point” was determined by how much love I was extending to myself.

You may have heard about this phenomenon before and thought it sounds like a good idea, but many people don’t really know how to activate Self-Love and stay consistent with it! Even people who think they are self-loving often have blind spots where they are not! There is a whole suite of practical steps to Self-Love that I am passionate about teaching and sharing and to get you started today, right now, with increasing your own “love set point,” here is a simple exercise to use…it’s called a Self-Love Practice.

  1. One a sheet on paper create 2 columns.
  2. Name the first column, “How I am not loving myself.” In this column spend 5 minutes listing all the ways you are harming yourself physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Examples include, staying up way too late, spending time with a toxic person, eating junk food, negative self-talk etc. This may be eye opening for you to see just how many ways you are not loving to yourself because most of these things are habitual and we don’t even notice them!
  3. Name the second column, “How I could be loving myself!” Next to each item you discover that you are not loving, come up with an alternative and write it in the second column. For instance, if you stay up to late, what would be a loving bed time you could aim for as a new habit? How can you minimize your time with a toxic person. What could you eat or say to yourself instead that nourishes you?

Now post this sheet somewhere visible and circle the first item you will commit to shifting. Commit to activating awareness around that item for a whole week. That means when you notice you are engaging in something self-harming, stop and shift it in the moment. It may even just start with observing yourself doing it for the first few times and acknowledging that you are not self-loving in that moment.

As you begin to shift one item at a time you will begin to notice and influx of love coming to you from the world around you. Your relationships will improve, you’ll attract loving new people and your levels of confidence, clarity, intuition, productivity and inspiration for life will super-size and positively impact EVERY area of your life.

But don’t take my work for it! Verify it for yourself by starting today! I’d love to hear your personal experience here after you take this Self-Love Practice for a spin!


Much (Self-) Love,

Bec xoxo



3 Secrets to Manifesting your Desires More Quickly


So you know what you’d like to manifest into your life, but it feels so far away.

You’ve been trying to manifest your ideal partner, a better-paying job or a healthier body but it’s taking forever…

If your heart’s desires keep eluding you, there’s a good chance you have some hidden blocks in the way! In order to successfully close your “desire gap” it’s important to make sure that your inner state and outer actions are both aligned to the outcome you want.

When you aren’t aligned on all levels, co-creative energy can’t freely flow through you. It’s like having and energetic traffic jam inside you!

If you want to clear your creative gridlock and speed up your ability to manifest your heart’s desires here are 3 key secrets that will help you remove what’s in your way:

1. Clean Up Your Limiting Beliefs

The most persistent block to bringing your desires into reality is any limiting beliefs hiding inside you. For example, if you are wanting to manifest a life partner but deep down you believe things like:

I’m not really good enough for an amazing partner.

I can’t really trust men/women.

There’s no one left or available that’s a good match for me.

…then these beliefs will keep sabotaging your efforts to call in a partner. Or worse yet, they will sabotage you once you start building a relationship with someone!

The remedy is to sit down with a journal and pen and ask yourself: what do I believe is true about relationships, myself or a partner that is working against me? What do I fear? What past experiences have caused me to believe things that are now getting in my way?

Then on a new page write down the opposite using “What if…” to start. For example:

“What if I am good enough for an amazing partner?”

Really think about this and immerse yourself in the possibility of this. Repeat the “What if” question every night before sleep until you feel it shift into:

“You know what, I AM good enough for an amazing partner!”

Work through each of your limiting beliefs in this way to clear them out of your system!


2. Feel the Feelings of your Desire in Advance

Until you feel the reality of your desire, your subconscious mind will view it as “unfamiliar territory” and a “possible threat.” That means it will trigger fear within you around your desire and the steps you need to take towards it!

The subconscious mind doesn’t discern between what is real or imagined, so seeing and feeling your desire familiarizes your deepest self with what you want and gets it on board to help you not hinder you!

If you are after a better-paying job, take 5 minutes before you go to sleep and imagine what a higher paying job would look and feel like. Allow yourself to really suspend reality and imagine even just one aspect of this as vividly as possible.

Play out the same scene for yourself each night: there you are, receiving your paycheck in the mail, opening it up and seeing your ideal salary on the check! You smile and feel the feelings of being respected, valuable, confident and wealthier!


3. Prioritize Important Actions

Successful and speedy manifestation requires consistent action on your part, but a lot of the time the actions that are most important to take end up at the bottom of the list. They get overlooked, pushed until “tomorrow” or thwarted by the “urgent” things in life.

There are two major categories of actions that we take in a day: important and urgent. Important are the ones that are most connected to us manifesting our heart’s desires. For instance, if we want a healthier body this category would include things like exercise, healthy food systems or getting enough sleep.

Urgent things are all the things that SCREAM for our attention because they have to get done no matter what. We have to get groceries, we have to get to work on time, we have to pay the bills, we have to see the dentist. Urgent things get done because the consequences of not doing them are immediate. Overlooking important things doesn’t have immediate consequences but have very high long term consequences. That’s why we have to prioritize important things and address them BEFORE we address urgent things.

The remedy is to schedule your important actions into your calendar like they WERE an urgent appointment. It’s even more effective to schedule them early in the day before all the urgent things overrun us!


Which secret are you going to try implementing first? Post it here, I’d love to hear! Remember this information won’t help you speed up the journey to your heart’s desire unless you implement it!

Much love,

Bec xoxo