The #1 Action to Successfully Create Your Desires

The #1 Action to Successfully Create Your Desires


Imagine for a moment: You wake up tomorrow and your deepest desire is finally realized.

You’ve hit your income goal, you’re in the arms of your yummy life partner, you actually feel amazing and energized in your body…

You were clear on your desire, clear on what it looked and felt like and used a reliable strategy to CREATE it.

SUCCESS, right? Triumph, celebration!  You’d jump out of bed and do a happy dance, throwing your fist in the air with a big fat “YES!”


Earlier this week I had one of those “YES” mornings!  I successfully created the sale of my house… a result that gives me an entirely new level of freedom to start travel-schooling my daughter Meelah.

I knew what it would look and feel like – receiving full price, awesome and friendly buyers, moving out at the perfect time. Check, check and check.

Did I know when or how it would happen? No! But thanks to my own reliable desire creation strategy, the INSPIRED Creative Process, I trusted in it’s perfect unfoldment.


Looking back at the weeks leading up to this moment of success, I was reminded of something… an important action that any powerful Creator knows about and uses diligently.

After a year with my house on the market, the sale finally happened the moment I took this very specific action.


Curious what it is?


It’s stepping into a powerful place of creation called the “edge.” The fringe of your comfort zone.

The weeks leading up to the sale, I made some new decisions that nudged me well out of my newest comfort zone (comfort zones grow as you do):

*I lovingly released a romantic relationship that no longer served – AHHH!

*I started homeschooling my daughter – OOOmmmmm…

*I enlisted a fantasy fiction writing mentor to keep me flirting with my edge and help me produce some delicious writing – (DEEP BREATHS)


Whammo, house sold.

After a year of open houses.

See, my desire was waiting for me to step into my new “edge.”  As soon as I did it, it came to fruition.


So, where is your latest edge?  What actions have you not taken yet that make you feel just a little nervous, that make your palms a bit sweaty and your heart skip a beat? THOSE are the actions that will unlock your deepest desires time and time again!


Holding your sweaty hand in my sweaty hand,

Bec xoxo

PS. If you would like to learn about how the INSPIRED Creative Process works and how it will help YOU create your deepest desires, apply for a *free* Discovery Session with me here.

The REAL Reason You Have Desires + Why You MUST Create Them!

The REAL Reason You Have Desires + Why You MUST Create Them!


Ever feel BAD for having desires? Guilty, selfish, undeserving?

Is there a tiny voice in your head that says things like:


I guess I don’t really need THAT much money…

I should just be grateful for the relationship I have. (shrug)

My dream career is too big for me to create and manage…forget it.


Lean in here: Your deepest, most authentic desires – to travel, to create art, to make money, to find love – ALL of them – have a very important purpose. A purpose that goes well beyond the confines of your own life and affects the whole of consciousness.


Your desires are a big deal. To all of us.

See, desires are DIVINE. They do not come FROM us randomly, they come THROUGH us by design…from a governing force much, much greater and more sophisticated than us.

This force (God, the subconscious, the quantum field, the Universe, Divine Intelligence – whatever you want to dub it), shoots you with “desire arrows.” Kind of like Cupid.



Because desires act like comic carrots that dangle in front of us and propel us forward to EVOLVE.

Our desires motivate us to expand and reach, to learn and develop, to take new action and release blocks, to become the biggest, brightest versions of ourselves!

The purpose of a desire is not even related to the desire itself – it’s actually about who we become in the process of creating our desire that is of universal value.

What’s more is that once we successfully create our desires, there are other ones waiting for us. There is always more to become, to emerge into and to give back.

So the more you get what you desire, the more growing and evolving you end up doing…and ultimately the more you inspire others to evolve.

These “evolved” versions of us better serve the entire planet: they have more capacity to make the world a better place.

In consistently creating what we want we are advancing our entire species.

And in that continuous, collective progress is where we find relief and fulfillment in our souls. 


So damn straight – you deserve to create that financial freedom you want! And you getting that soul mate will help us all!

I teach people the INSPIRED Creative Process so they have a surefire strategy to reach their desires – one after another. When we know the exact steps to close our “desire gap” over and over again we end up speeding up our personal evolutionary journey – not only to we get to have and experience all of what’s most important to us but we get to keep expanding into our highest selves and positively impacting others without getting stuck.

So what desire have you been shirking? What have you been feeling guilty about wanting? NO MORE – Create that reality for yourself and everyone wins!

Much love,



PS. Curious about how the INSPIRED Creative Process will work to get you YOUR desires? Apply for a free Discovery Session with me here:)



10 Habits That Will Get You What You Want

10 Habits That Will Get You What You Want


Ever wonder what it really takes to get what you want?

Have you tried “everything”… and still your desires are out of grasp?

If you don’t already know…everything that you want is create-able, from the simple,

“I’d love to sleep in more…”

To the big picture,

“I’d love to create a 6-figure income doing what I love most!”

But it’s important to see what you want as something you actively create (or more accurately co-create with others and the Divine) through specific habits versus seeing them as something to wait for. And wait for. And wait for. Waiting for the right circumstances, enough resources, the courage…will NEVER get you what you want.

The truth is: things take the amount of time we allot for them. It’s called Parkinson’s Law. We must allot this time and then start CREATING what we want most.


The following 10 Habits are critical to develop to consistently close your Desire Gap – the space between you and what you want:


1. Clean Up Your Energy Exchange

Heal your core relationship patterns and streamline how you give and receive in the world.

2. Flex Your Intuitive Muscle

Discover your innate ability to connect with the Source of and Solution to all things.

3. Rewire Your Limiting Beliefs

Shatter your deepest fears, illusions and blocks.

4. Amp Up Your Emotional Intelligence 

Optimize your inner state by processing, managing and leveraging your emotions.

5. Map Out Your True Nature

Discover and honor who you really are and what’s most important to you.

6. Get “on Purpose” with Your Life

Discover why you’re really here and illuminate the vision your soul came here to create.

7. Live Intentionally

Catalyze possibilities and creative energy using the power of your word.

8. Magnetize – Often

Activate feminine creative energy that makes you attractive to all you ever need.

9. Take Inspired Action

Activate masculine creative energy through planning and taking three dimensional action steps.

10. Commit to Personal Evolution

Say “yes” to on-going expansion, learning and growth.


As you can see these habits are not for the faint of heart. Each one, in and of itself, is a tremendous skill to embody. Once you can implement all of the above habits you become an unstoppable conscious co-creator, capable of generating huge impact and reaching a sublime state of fulfillment. In a nutshell, capable of getting what you want.

These are the 10 steps inherent the INSPIRED Living Program that I take clients through. By mastering these habits, clients have conceived babies, bought their dream homes, started their ideal business, healed their love relationships and lost years of excess weight and much, much more!

So which habit are you ready to start with, I’d love to hear from you on my Facebook Page here!

Closing Your Desire Gap,

Bec xoxo

PS. If you’re interested in how the INSPIRED Living Program can help you get what you want, apply for a free Discovery Session with me here.