The 3 Biggest Wealth Leaks and How to Plug Them

The 3 Biggest Wealth Leaks and How to Plug Them


Do you ever look at your bank account and think:

“Wait a sec, where did everything go!? I thought I had more!”

That’s the sign of a “wealth leak.”

Or what about your calendar…do you ever get to end of a week and think:

“What just happened, wasn’t it just Friday yesterday? Where did all my time go?”

Again, classic symptom of a “wealth leak!”

Even your marriage or relationship could be reflecting a “wealth leak:”

“We used to be intimate with each other, we used to be tender and connected…”

Anytime you experience a feeling of lack, scarcity or “not-enoughness” it’s a good practice to scan your life the 3 Biggest Wealth Leaks below and take measures to plug them!

1. Lack Beliefs

Our belief system can be one of our biggest wealth leaks. Many of us have adopted the belief that there isn’t enough time, money or love for us  in the world. The way to plug this leak is to wire a new belief that there is MORE than enough for us. If you catch yourself worrying or complaining that there isn’t enough of something, put a note on your bathroom mirror that says: What if there is more than enough (time, money and love) in the world for me? Read or repeat this to yourself as often as possible to seal in this new belief and watch how it amps up abundance in your life!

2. Lack Emotions

Sometimes we don’t realize that we’re thinking in terms of lack – we simply find ourselves in the middle of FEELING worried, strapped, strained, depleted, and deprived. These are lack emotions. Because our emotions  are responsible for what we attract into our lives these feeling will only attract more lack! To plug this wealth leak it is important to have a strategy to pivot into FEELING abundant as often as possible. One way to do this is to practice gratitude for what you DO have an abundance of: the air that you breathe, the thread count of your sheets – whatever! It doesn’t matter what abundance you’re grateful for, it just matters THAT you are grateful and THAT will shift you our of your lack emotion.

3. Lack Actions

When we are thinking and feeling lack we ultimately end up acting with lack. We don’t leave a good tip, we opt for fast food, we don’t let ourselves have an extra half hour of sleep. Although it may feel counter-intuitive, but when we are in the middle of lack is exactly when we want to act as if we are wealthy and abundant. It can be powerful to simply pay for someones coffee or take 5 minutes out of your busy life to support a friend – to give – because it creates a void for you to receive what it is that you desire!

Thinking, feeling or acting with lack are the 3 biggest causes for us to see a dip in our wealth. Start to think, feel and act in abundance and it will help your wealth overflow!

Pass it on!

Bec xoxo

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