5 Ways to Unleash the Courage to Change!


Do you know, deep down, that you have to make a change in your life?

And I don’t mean a new haircut or rearranging your living room…

I mean one of those BIG changes. The SCARY kind of change that is much easier to avoid or ignore.

Things like letting go of a relationship, moving to new city or reinventing how you make money.

We ALL have moments when we face a call for BIG change. It’s a call for transformation, a doorway into the magic we yearn for!

Some of us obey and step into the magic, some of us don’t.

Some of us have the courage and some of us don’t.

And that’s OK either way.

What I know first hand is that when we don’t have the courage to heed our deep call for change, that call just gets louder and louder. It starts to chip away at our lives and tear things apart like our health our marriage, our bank accounts. Change will scream at us until we hear it. And sometimes it take a lot to get us to listen.

But if we know how to summon the courage to step in to BIG change, through the doorway to the magic that awaits – then we don’t have to watch life to tear itself apart before we don something about it!

We can gracefully face change head on on step into our biggest dreams, with exhilaration and trust.

I fought change. Boy oh boy.

Life had to tear me down before I collected bits and pieces of courage to make BIG change; to end my marriage, reinvent my career and heal my body.

In my new book Inspired Income, I share a personal story about the exact moment I could no longer avoid BIG change. It was a tender and humbling moment with my 6 year old daughter after a huge fight where it dawned on me that I could take her down with me if I didn‘t change. (You can grab a copy of my book here – it’s FREE ’til 3pm pst.)

My wish for you is that you step into change because you’re inspired and confident, not because you are terrified of what will happen if you don’t!

So I’d like to give you 5 ways to fill your heart with courage. The courage you need to face the call for BIG change head on, with a smile and a “bring it!”

These 5 simple courage boosters will prevent you from being forced into change like I was!

1. Enlist support.

Rally as many people around you as possible. Ask for help, accountability and guidance. Hang your pride up for while, it’s no use to you.  Build yourself a community of people who have created the change that’s calling you. People who know what it takes and how to do it, who have fallen into potholes that they can help you avoid. Collect as many resources that arm you with the information and tools to step into the change required.

2. Mediate like a fiend.

Turn inside as often and as long as you can. Find a meditation group or teacher. Get good at this so you can cut through your fear-based mental chatter and hear your inner guidance clearly. Once you get good at hearing your inner guidance during meditation, you actually start hearing it all day long. You begin to “sense” your way through life and TRUST yourself and the divine intelligence guiding you to your highest good.

3. Make friends with change.

Schedule little changes every day to get used to engaging in change. Part you hair differently tomorrow, switch to decaf, go vegan for one day a week. Make bigger and bigger changes as you go along. This programs your brain to know the experience of change as natural and safe. It melts away the fear and resistance stories that your ego has about change. To your ego change=death! In reality, change= miracles!

4. Take baby steps.

Dip you toe in the waters of your BIG change first. Every BIG change is made up of many little changes that all build on each other. BIG change is scary because we see it as a whole. Leaving a toxic relationship is scary, but what about starting with visualizing the change. What about spending one less day together, then two, then a week etc. Break your BIG change into little changes to bolster your courage.

5. Breath and smile. A lot.

These simple acts will change your biochemistry for the better. When we face change, it triggers a fear response in the brain. Cortisol and adrenaline rush through your system and trigger sabotaging behaviors like paralysis and avoidance. When a fear response comes up, simply breath and smile. Don’t stop until you feel your fear subside. Your brain will release new hormones that will keep you clear, focused, curious and open. It will create space for courage to awaken and move you towards the baby steps you need to create change!

If, like me, your call for BIG change involves reinventing your career, allow me to help unleash your courage with a new resource. My new book, Inspired Income is a clear step by (baby) step path towards building an income stream using your gifts and passions, a way to make money that lights you up every day.

If you haven’t already, you can receive the book for FREE on Amazon until 3 pm pst today here!

All you need is an Amazon account and either a Kindle or a free reading app. (Also if you are in outside of the US, search for “Inspired Income” on your country’s Amazon site in order to get the book free!)

To big juicy changes, the magic they bring and the courage to step into them,

Bec xox

PS. If you have already downloaded the book, Id’ LOVE to hear your feedback! It would help me a lot if you’d post a brief, honest review on Amazon here:) Thanks in advance xo


What REALLY converts your gifts + passions into CASH! {the next 5 steps!}


Wouldn’t you love to do things you enjoy EVERY day…and make money while you’re at it?

Don’t you think it’s strange that in our culture so few of us enjoy the things we do to make money?

We slog through life doing things because we “have to,” believing anything better is “unrealistic.” We scrape for time and energy to get to our yoga classes, to write our unwritten book, to travel, even to spend quality time with the people we love most.

The biggest excuse is our work. Many of us are trapped in our work and feel like we don’t have any other options. We’ve studied hard to get the positions we have, we’ve earned it. And we rely on the income our jobs provide for us…in a way our jobs are the perceived ticket to our eventual freedom. But in all the hours we work, we just don’t find joy. It leaves us exhausted, disappointed and frustrated that we can’t just do what we love! Years go by this way…:(

So what if you could actually earn money WHILE doing things you enjoy, things you are passionate about even? It’s a scary thought for most, to switch gears, start from scratch and “gamble” at a passion-based life.

When you don’t know the steps to create a passion-based life it can feel scary…but knowing “the how” can change everything.

Over the years, hundreds of women have asked me what the steps are to making money doing what they love. That’s why I finally wrote a book with each step laid out in detail.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s called Inspired Income: 10 Steps to Use Your Gifts and Passions to Make Money, Make a Difference and Do What you Love For Life! 

If you want a free copy of my book before I launch it for sale on Amazon, make sure you sign up for your copy here!

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Last week I gave you a sneak peek of the first 5 of the steps in the book and today I want to show you the other 5!

The 5 steps I am sharing with you today are the ones few people know about. They are the real “conversion steps” that turn your gifts and passions in to cash!! Many people start to create a passion-based income streams but stop short before taking these steps. Ready to discover what they are?

Step 6: Clarify your Live-Work Preferences

It’s not just about designing how you want to earn money, it’s about designing how you want to live your whole life. Doing what you love for a living, requires you to design an income stream that honors you lifestyle preferences and is authentic to who you are. For example, say eco-consciousness is extremely important to you. Being green and minimizing your footprint is a huge deal. If the way you earn money has you flying all over the world or driving for two hours a day, you will have a disconnect between how you make a living and who you are on the deepest level. Weaving how you earn money in with your life preferences allows you to love what you do fully!

Step 7: Create an Asset

In a nutshell, if you want people to pay you there has to be a result for them…something of value they receive in return. The way to use your gifts and passion to make money is to apply them in creating and delivering a product or service that gives your customer the result that they really want. Once you have a WAY of providing that result, you have something to sell! There are thousands of different kinds of assets and designing one that honors your gifts and passions is key.

Step 8: Price Your Product or Service

Learning how to price effectively is a bit of an art. You want to price the result you are offing in a way that you are earning the amount of money you desire but that also gives your customer immense value… to the point where they feel like they are getting a deal. The pricing process in the book allows you to see how much your result is worth and what you can add to charge more as well!

Step 9: Educate, Share and Invite Others to Buy

Aka Marketing. Marketing freaks a lot of people out because it sometimes requires that we step out of comfort szone and do things we’ve never done before. But if we design a product or service using the first 5 steps in the book, it will actually do a lot of the marking itself. We actually get excited to educate, share and invite people to buy what we are selling because it’s connected to our gifts and passion PLUS we can see how much others want and need what we have. When we design a marketing strategy the is aligned with our gifts and passions as well, then we actually start to enjoy marketing.

Step 10: Collaborate with Partners

The final step to making money through your gifts and passions is to create and leverage relationships. Finding people who are already connected to those who need what you have, growing those connections and maintaining them is key to longterm money-making. Other people are the doorways to all the customers out there that are already looking to buy what we love to make and do!  Plus it’s no fun to be an island… working to serve the world alongside others who honor you gifts and passions is in our nature and it fills our souls and our bank accounts!

So there you have it: the second 5 steps of creating an Inspired Income. The Inspired Income book covers each of these steps in a lot more detail. You will also receive a *free* companion journal with the exercises you need to map out your success as you build an Inspired Income for yourself!

Make sure you sign up for your free copy here asap so you don’t miss the window next week! Then you will have the book when you are ready to create extra money through your gifts and passions.


Much love,

Bec xo

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*Sneak Peek* + Why making money is not supposed to be “hard!”


Did you know that making great money is NOT supposed to be hard?! That’s one of the biggest myths in our culture…

When you crack the code for how YOU can make money authentically using YOUR OWN UNIQUE gifts and passions, it gets much more fun and easy!

Making money this way stops feeling like work and is joyful and purposeful! I call it making an INSPIRED INCOME.

If you haven’t already heard, I’m launching a book on this topic next month that reveals the 10 steps to decoding YOUR own unique money-making formula and I want to give you a peek at the first 5 steps! I have been teaching this practical formula for years and it’s exactly what I did to create my own INSPIRED INCOME streams. (Make sure you sign up for your *free* copy before I start selling the book publicly right here – oh and check that you get a confirmation email to ensure it gets into your hands, some people told me it went to their junk folder after signing up!)



Following the 10 steps in the book will help you understand, once and for all, why making money and financial freedom is NOT meant to be a struggle. Ready to get a sneak peek of what this process looks like? Awesome! Here are the first 5 steps:

1. Uncover your interests; including your passions, your values and your calling.

Let’s face it – when you are not interested in what you do to make money it really sucks the life out of you! We spend a significant amount of time each week focused on money-making activities. That means hours upon hours of our finite life could be flushed down the drain in mechanical, uninspiring activity. Many people think they don’t have a choice, that they are stuck in the job or career they carved out. The truth is, there is a smart and sensible transitional strategy to create new income streams that light up your soul! Uncovering your multi-faceted interests, including your passions, values and calling will show you the most ideal starting points for you to make money doing what you love. In the book I will show you the fastest, most thorough way to uncover your most commercially viable interests!

2. Uncover your strengths; including your gifts, your skills and your wisdom.

Equally important to uncover are your strengths, the things your really good at that are EASY for you. When we design income streams that blend our interests with our strengths that when the magic really happens. When we are focused on doing what comes naturally to us, earning money feels a lot easier and fun. There no use in making money in a way that we are struggling or working against our divine skill set. We all have particular strengths for a reason, to use them! The book will also show you the best technique to identify all your commercially viable strengths!

3. Decode your money-making sweet spot.

This is where your interests and strengths overlap and there is a powerful process to use here to tease out the top possibilities to make an INSPIRED INCOME! (Yes, of course it’s in the book…)

4. Determine the problems you were born to solve.

When you crack the code for how your interests and strengths together solve a real-world problem, that’s where money becomes a reality. Money making =problem solving, it’s a simple as that. Having said that, it’s important to identify the ideal problem that you are specifically designed and excited to solve. In the INSPIRED INCOME book you will finally see what kind of problems you can best solve and which ones you will make the most money solving. (I created a free journal that goes with the book that you can use for all this exploration, just FYI!)

5. Identifying the people who already want to pay you for what you do and solve best!

People are the gateway to money. They are the ones who have the problems that we are here to solve. The right people are more than happy to invest in the solution you have within you – a solution you are interested in and that you are good at! Identifying the exact people that are already looking for you is the next step. It’s up to you to make yourself (and the solution you have to offer) visible in the right places. That’s when we can begin to educate, share and invite people to let us serve them with what we have and what we love! Yes you will totally be taken through a process to pin point the people that already want to buy from you in the book too!


I’m sure you’ve noticed…I’m mentioning THE BOOK a lot. That’s because I’m extremely excited to finally make these powerful steps and processes accessible to as many people as possible. Call me crazy, but I have a vision of women all over the world waking up each morning in their full brightness, power and joy; creating financial freedom through their gifts and passions.

Wouldn’t you agree that this world would be immensely improved if we were all happy and fulfilled in our vocations and with our finances? When we are no longer controlled or managed by others, but creating positive impact and making a difference by solving problems in a way that facilitates our financial freedom? I see these women as living, breathing examples for others and for their children, perpetuating lives of authenticity and inspiration that will heal so much suffering in our world.

(Phew, ok that was my rant.)

Are you in?? If you are, and you aren’t yet signed up for your free copy of the INSPIRED INCOME book, do that here now – and make sure you get a confirmation email too. PLUS SHARE the time-limited free copy opportunity (by copying and pasting this link – http://becrobbins.com/inspiredincomebook – to your social media or email) with as many women or in as many groups as you can. Thank you in advance for helping me spread the word with this INSPIRED INCOME movement!!


Much love and so much gratitude,

PS. Later next week I will give you a sneak peek into the last 5 steps of the INSPIRED INCOME process so keep an eye on your inbox!