The SECRET to Working Smarter, Not Harder!

The SECRET to Working Smarter, Not Harder!


Were you told from a young age that you had to work hard to get what you want?

Study hard, practice hard, try hard… then you will succeed!

Are you working hard to get what you want now in your life, but you keep falling short anyways?

And does this sense of repeated falling short make you feel like Sugar-Honey-Ice-Tea?


Growing up as an achiever myself, I worked my buns off for years to get results.

*I went to therapy, energy healers, read a plethora of books and attended seminars to heal and save my marriage – did it work – nope!

*I trained hard in my acting classes, worked out at the gym like a fiend, networked and had private coaching – did I book the parts I wanted most – no.

*I took side jobs, made “smart” investments, and started businesses to create my own financial freedom – did it happen – uh uh!


I spent decades of time and tens of thousands of dollars to get results in love, money and health but it wasn’t until I learned a very powerful, little secret, that results really started to roll in.

This secret illuminated a mistake in how I was going about creating results. Turns out I was doing it all backwards. And backwards it how most of us learn to create results!


See it’s not about working hard, it’s about working smart.

How do we work smart?


Working smart is about what you are spending your time working ON! I’ll explain:

Say you are able to work on something for 2 hours.

You have two options.

a) You can work on something that gives you $200 for those 2 hours.

b) Or you can work on something that gives you $2000 for those 2 hours.

Which is smarter? No brainer, right?


What if I told you that most of the world thinks option a) is the way to get results because no one ever explained option b) to them!

SO are you ready for the secret? Are you ready to hear what a) and b) are in life?


Option a) is something I like to call OUTER MECHANICS. Tangible actions outside of us.

In finding a soulmate, for example, the OUTER MECHANICS for results include things like: becoming visible, making connections, taking care of your health, getting clear on your ideal partner, making space for that someone etc.

In starting your own passion-based business the OUTER MECHANICS would include: creating a product, learning to market, networking, the list goes on…


Option b) is what I call INNER MECHANICS. Actions improving the unseen forces WITHIN us.

For both finding a soulmate and building a business it means eliminating limiting beliefs, uncovering your values, passion, gifts, mastering emotional health, tapping into your intuitive power, activating the Law of Attraction, overcoming fear etc.

Working “hard” on the INNER MECHANICS, actually makes the OUTER MECHANICS immeasurably easier allowing you to be more clear and effective when you do take outer action. That’s why 2 hours of INNER work will pay off in spades bringing 10X the results from your OUTER work. 


Now – doing the INNER MECHANICS can still be hard – but it’s hard because we have to go into invisible, untouchable and sometimes dark places within ourselves…It can be scary – way scarier than any OUTER MECHANICS stuff. But the good news is that once we do the inner work consistently it starts to run on autopilot leaving us to FLOW through the outer steps with ease.

80% of the work I do with clients is teaching them that INNER stuff – stuff no one showed me until I was 33 years old! Sure I was shown the “outer stuff” but it never stuck because our inner forces ALWAYS determine our results.  This secret gave me the results that were previously a mystery: financial freedom, love, health, ease, clarity. Not learning INNER MECHANICS is the most costly and destructive thing you can do in your life.

So try it! Focus 80% of your energy on improving and sustaining your INNER MECHANICS, then watch how much easier the outer steps become for life!

Ever with Ease,

Bec xoxo

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7 Steps to CREATING Extra Money This Year

7 Steps to CREATING Extra Money This Year


Ever wonder what else you could do to create some extra financial freedom for yourself?

Are you sick and tired of “living within your means” and ready to “create the means” to live the way you really want?

That’s really how we are meant to live! But learning how to create money is something that is elusive to many of us. Either no one ever modelled the steps for us or we picked up beliefs around money that keep us trapped in “scarcity functioning.”

Creating money is the single-most-requested-desire that people come to me to create every year. It’s a topic I love empowering you around  – so you can create money freedom consistently for life:)

Whether you want to create enough money to eliminate debt, make enough to save generously or break 6 figures in income, the principles of creating extra money are the same.

These following 7 steps to CREATING extra money are an overview of what it takes to satisfy any of these money-making desires!


1. Rewire your money beliefs.

This is the single most important step that HAS to happen to create money. If your beliefs around money aren’t optimal they will unconsciously sabotage and block you from creating money for the rest of your life. The inner dynamics of creation (your beliefs and emotion) are 80% responsible for your reality. So it has to start there. A belief overhaul is square one if you have any lingering beliefs that sound like this:

Money is hard to make

I can’t create or sustain income

Money isn’t safe

I don’t know or have enough

I’m not worthy of more

The good news is there are tangible tools to completely rewire your belief system – they are one of the 10 Sacred Practices of the Inspired Creative Process!


2. Establish (or re-establish) your relationship with money.

There is one other inner step necessary to create money before moving onto the outer steps. This one has to do with how you relate to money. We all have a relationship with money much like we do with a friend or spouse. Just as with any other relationship – your relationship with money requires a healthy level of communication, love, acceptance, trust and acknowledgement.

What is your relationship to money like? Are you afraid of it, do you mistrust money or yourself with money? Do you connect with and look at your money picture consistently? Do you embrace it, shower it with attention and love? Do you make requests of it and express your needs from it? As crazy as it sounds, using processes to strengthen your bond with money is fundamental to draw it into your life!


3. Prioritize what you want to create money for.

Money LOVES to know where it’s going and will flow to you more easily if it does. Sit down with a pen and paper and map out all the experiences that would bring you peace and joy that require money. This is the stuff that you value most in life and can include things like covering your living costs, eliminating debt, buying a home, traveling, eating out or organic, saving for retirement or for your child’s education, personal development, health and fitness, building your own passion-based business, building a family etc. Now put in order of most important to least important.


4. Identify how much money you really want to create each month.

Now next to each of these things, record approximately how much you must create per month to have these experiences in the time frames you decide to have them. That helps you crunch the numbers. You can see what you are currently creating where you are now and where that money must go first. Then you can see what extra money you will need to create to make all your priorities a reality.


5. Identify what you have of value that can be exchanged for money.

Now it’s time to do an inventory of all that you have of value that you can exchange for money with others. What skills do you have (or can you learn) that help others? How can you make someone’s life easier, how can you solve their problems, where are you gifted that other people struggle? What time, space, energy, ideas or things could other people pay you for? What have you not been willing to give because it’s out of your comfort zone to offer it? Your extra money is hiding there!


6. Design a model for value exchange.

The next step is to brainstorm the most joyful ways that you can see yourself exchanging what you have of value for money. Some people use the word “business” to describe value exchange, but sometimes just seeing it as plain value exchange takes the intimidation factor away.

Consider your passions and preferences – what tasks and activities turn you on? Where do you like to spend your time and with what kind of people? Would you prefer to offer a product, service, experience or transformation for others? Do you want to help others by doing what they don’t want to do (walk their dogs), by doing something better than they can (create an urban garden) or do you want to offer something special that others can’t even begin to do, based on your unique gifts (write custom music)?


7. Create a plan to become visible.

Once you come up with few ideas of how you’d love to offer value in the world, then you can build a plan to become visible…if no one knows you are offering what you are, then no value exchange will happen! Some people call this “marketing,” but it’s really just sharing and inviting.

Sharing your offering with the world in a fun and authentic way is the first tangible step to seeing extra money come in and you don’t need to have an official business to get going! A business may naturally evolve when what you’re offering continues to fill you up and serve others simultaneously. The early stages of creating extra money is often full of experimentation, trial and error and testing!


So there you have it! Work from the inside out: explore, ask questions and ultimately have fun and be open to activate extra money streams. And the best part is, you can do this multiple times to continuously explore where extra money is waiting to flow towards you and your life priorities!


Your Partner-in Creation,

Bec xox

PS. If you need some clarity on your own process to make extra money this year – let me help you! I can show you how 6 months together as a team can help you make extra money for life. Apply to connect with me here:)


This BIG Mistake Keeps Us From Our Dreams

The BIG Mistake That Keeps Us From Our Dreams


How many times have you sabotaged your dreams?

How many times have you “lost out” on opportunities for money, a career, for love, for freedom?

How many times have you caught yourself in a situation that is keeping you FROM something you want??

If you answered “a lot” to the above questions, then there is a good chance you’re making the BIGGEST mistake most of us make that keeps us from our dreams…


But hold on, this is not a wrist-slap. You aren’t doing anything against your nature.

The truth is we are all biologically wired in our brains to make this mistake because, back in the day, when we were living in caves and wrestling with our dinner before eating it – this BIG mistake is what kept us alive!

The thing is, now, the world is a very different place – it has evolved, but our brains haven’t evolved as quickly!

So we have to CHANGE our brains ourselves instead of waiting for natural evolution to take place…that is, if we want to reach our dreams!


The BIG mistake our brains are making is actually a HABIT.

The habit of negative thinking.

In other words, default or automatic mental noise in our head that is: limited, pessimistic, judgmental, resistant, upstream, defeatist, hopeless etc.


Back when our dinner could possibly attack us first – we had to be afraid, tentative, worried and stressed.

If we didn’t think:

Hmmm, it’s not safe for me to to be visible out there.

It’s not safe for me to relax and enjoy life.

There’s never enough firewood.

I can’t afford to jump that chasm.

…chances are we were way more likely to die!


What’s unfortunate about negative thinking is that it gives rise to negative feelings, which cause us to act reactively – in ways that not only sabotage our dreams, but attract negative experiences. Negative feelings also trigger stress hormones in the brain, which cause us to age prematurely and become immunocompromised.

Can you see the must-stop-ness of negative thinking?


Here’s the solution:

*Acknowledge that your “negative thinking habit” used to be important to survive.

*Acknowledge that your “negative thinking habit” is detrimental to thriving in today’s world.

*Give yourself the gift of a Thought Management System so that you can:

a) identify the negative thoughts that are keeping you from your dreams

b) actively transform your thoughts in any given moment of time, so that they will help you create the reality you desire and

c) thoroughly reprogram your thought patterns so that you habitually default into positive thinking – especially towards thoughts that serve your dreams!


This will allow you to start feeling positive emotions like confidence, clarity, power, love, joy, trust and abundance. It will catalyze more effective and productive decisions and direct you to act in ways that will get you what you want. Plus it will boost your health, longevity and vitality. All of which dominoes success into your relationships, career and overall wealth!

If you are curious what a Thought Management System would look like for you and how to use one in your life… be sure and fill out an application for a *free* Discovery Session with me here.


Much love and positive thinking,

Bec xo