*Sneak Peek* + Why making money is not supposed to be “hard!”


Did you know that making great money is NOT supposed to be hard?! That’s one of the biggest myths in our culture…

When you crack the code for how YOU can make money authentically using YOUR OWN UNIQUE gifts and passions, it gets much more fun and easy!

Making money this way stops feeling like work and is joyful and purposeful! I call it making an INSPIRED INCOME.

If you haven’t already heard, I’m launching a book on this topic next month that reveals the 10 steps to decoding YOUR own unique money-making formula and I want to give you a peek at the first 5 steps! I have been teaching this practical formula for years and it’s exactly what I did to create my own INSPIRED INCOME streams. (Make sure you sign up for your *free* copy before I start selling the book publicly right here – oh and check that you get a confirmation email to ensure it gets into your hands, some people told me it went to their junk folder after signing up!)



Following the 10 steps in the book will help you understand, once and for all, why making money and financial freedom is NOT meant to be a struggle. Ready to get a sneak peek of what this process looks like? Awesome! Here are the first 5 steps:

1. Uncover your interests; including your passions, your values and your calling.

Let’s face it – when you are not interested in what you do to make money it really sucks the life out of you! We spend a significant amount of time each week focused on money-making activities. That means hours upon hours of our finite life could be flushed down the drain in mechanical, uninspiring activity. Many people think they don’t have a choice, that they are stuck in the job or career they carved out. The truth is, there is a smart and sensible transitional strategy to create new income streams that light up your soul! Uncovering your multi-faceted interests, including your passions, values and calling will show you the most ideal starting points for you to make money doing what you love. In the book I will show you the fastest, most thorough way to uncover your most commercially viable interests!

2. Uncover your strengths; including your gifts, your skills and your wisdom.

Equally important to uncover are your strengths, the things your really good at that are EASY for you. When we design income streams that blend our interests with our strengths that when the magic really happens. When we are focused on doing what comes naturally to us, earning money feels a lot easier and fun. There no use in making money in a way that we are struggling or working against our divine skill set. We all have particular strengths for a reason, to use them! The book will also show you the best technique to identify all your commercially viable strengths!

3. Decode your money-making sweet spot.

This is where your interests and strengths overlap and there is a powerful process to use here to tease out the top possibilities to make an INSPIRED INCOME! (Yes, of course it’s in the book…)

4. Determine the problems you were born to solve.

When you crack the code for how your interests and strengths together solve a real-world problem, that’s where money becomes a reality. Money making =problem solving, it’s a simple as that. Having said that, it’s important to identify the ideal problem that you are specifically designed and excited to solve. In the INSPIRED INCOME book you will finally see what kind of problems you can best solve and which ones you will make the most money solving. (I created a free journal that goes with the book that you can use for all this exploration, just FYI!)

5. Identifying the people who already want to pay you for what you do and solve best!

People are the gateway to money. They are the ones who have the problems that we are here to solve. The right people are more than happy to invest in the solution you have within you – a solution you are interested in and that you are good at! Identifying the exact people that are already looking for you is the next step. It’s up to you to make yourself (and the solution you have to offer) visible in the right places. That’s when we can begin to educate, share and invite people to let us serve them with what we have and what we love! Yes you will totally be taken through a process to pin point the people that already want to buy from you in the book too!


I’m sure you’ve noticed…I’m mentioning THE BOOK a lot. That’s because I’m extremely excited to finally make these powerful steps and processes accessible to as many people as possible. Call me crazy, but I have a vision of women all over the world waking up each morning in their full brightness, power and joy; creating financial freedom through their gifts and passions.

Wouldn’t you agree that this world would be immensely improved if we were all happy and fulfilled in our vocations and with our finances? When we are no longer controlled or managed by others, but creating positive impact and making a difference by solving problems in a way that facilitates our financial freedom? I see these women as living, breathing examples for others and for their children, perpetuating lives of authenticity and inspiration that will heal so much suffering in our world.

(Phew, ok that was my rant.)

Are you in?? If you are, and you aren’t yet signed up for your free copy of the INSPIRED INCOME book, do that here now – and make sure you get a confirmation email too. PLUS SHARE the time-limited free copy opportunity (by copying and pasting this link – http://becrobbins.com/inspiredincomebook – to your social media or email) with as many women or in as many groups as you can. Thank you in advance for helping me spread the word with this INSPIRED INCOME movement!!


Much love and so much gratitude,

PS. Later next week I will give you a sneak peek into the last 5 steps of the INSPIRED INCOME process so keep an eye on your inbox!

10 Steps to Make Money Doing What You LOVE! *Get my new book for FREE*

Ever wanted to use your gifts and passions to make money?

You know, wake up every day looking forward to what’s ahead…

…to how creative you get to be, who you get to spend time with, where you work from, how meaningful your talents are and how much fun it is to be true to yourself every day? 

PLUS get paid generously for it!

How liberating would it feel to not have to do things out of obligation anymore, or because other people think you should do them? To break out of automatic, default living…of doing the same things every day that don’t inspire you?

If you’ve met people who do what they love for a living you’ve probably noticed how happy and satisfied they are. You’ve probably noticed how healthy their relationships and bodies are and how low their stress levels are.  If you’ve ever wondered how you can create this reality for yourself, read on!

When it comes to happiness, one of the biggest questions women ask me is: How can I make money doing what I love?

For many women, their jobs or vocations are a huge source of frustration for them. Their work stress drains them of the vital life energy and time they need to self-actualize and reach their personal dreams and highest potential.

Other women find themselves stuck after a big life transition; like having children, retiring or moving. The big life change begs them to consider new ways of living and earning an income and they see an opportunity to delve deeper into their life’s purpose as a vocation.

Either way, the question stands…HOW? How do I design, create and transition into this reality? How do I make sure it works, that I earn what I need, that it’s sustainable and reliable?

The good news is, there is a step-by-step process to make money through your gifts and passions.

Because I have been asked about these steps so many times, I decided to write a proper book of 10 steps that maps the whole process out for you. These are the very steps I used to create a vocation based on my own gifts and passions and what I teach my clients worldwide to do for themselves.

I’m still tweaking things but the working title for the book right now is: INSPIRED INCOME: 10 Steps to Use your Gifts and Passions to Make Money, Make a Difference and Do What You Love For Life. And this is what it looks like so far…


(Cool huh?) It’s my first book so I’m geeking out about it a bit. I have been working diligently on this book and the companion journal to go with it for the past couple months and am getting ready to launch it over the next few weeks…

BUT before I make it available to the public for sale I wanted to make sure YOU, my beautiful online family, received access to it at ZERO COST.

If you want me to send you the book for FREE the moment it comes out, you need to let me know by signing up here.

That way you will be first to know about when the window to grab it opens up.

I promise that the steps in this book will be eye-opening and paradigm-shifting for you. It will show you how straightforward it truly is to design, create and transition into doing what you love to make money.

It will give you the clarity and confidence you need to build a new authentic income stream (or many) that you LOVE.  And it will show you the path to creating the freedom and resources you need to do all the things you want to do with your life outside of work…travel, write books, paint, buy a home, support your loved ones and much more.

It all starts with you understanding these 10 steps.

Of course you will be able to buy my book anytime after it’s published, but I really want you to have it for FREE because you are an important member of my community. So even if you think you may want this information handy sometime in the future, or there’s someone you know, like a parent, friend, sibling or spouse who could really benefit from knowing how to make money through their gifts and passions, make sure you sign up here for your free copy.

I am so excited to finally share these secrets and can NOT wait to give it to you because it may very well be the key to your lifelong happiness!


Much love and abundance,

Bec xoxo

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The Real Formula for Happiness (Most People Get This Wrong!)

Do any of these sound familiar:

Just as soon as I meet the love of my life, I will be happy…

When I start making 10k/month, I will be happy…

When I lose 20 pounds, then I will finally be happy…

These are examples of the biggest Happiness Myth on the planet! When we approach happiness this way we will never be happy. Because even when we get what we think will make us happy, there will be something else that our happiness hinges on.

I bought into this myth for years! Each time I got what I wanted (a new home, a child, the next acting gig, a better haircut), I was happy for a while… and then there was something else that my happiness “needed!”

If this myth was represented in a formula, it would look something like this:



The real “formula for happiness” however, looks like this:


In fact, the “formula for happiness” is a cycle.


Notice that this cycle is initiated by happiness itself…because we can actually control our happiness much more easily than we can control love, money and health. That’s what puts happiness reliably in our hands!

Being happy first begets love, money and health (among other things) which then elicits even more happiness. Self-inflicted happiness is essential to attract your desires towards you.


Happiness has a specific biochemistry associated with it. Chemicals like dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin are the chemicals that our brain releases when we are happy.

Dopamine optimizes our mood, behavior, sleep, learning and creativity.

Serotonin helps us relax and sleep well. It reduces anxiety, prevents wait gain and fatigue, boosts our mood and energy.

Oxytocin increases optimism, self-esteem, trust and confidence. It promotes bonding and attraction. It relieves pain and prevents weight gain, depression and stress!

When these chemicals are coursing through our systems we are changed. Our beliefs, thoughts, choices, actions and reactions are optimized! We automatically become more effective in moving towards the love, money and health that we desire. Like a potion, they bolster us to face our fears, step out of our comfort zone and express our most powerful selves. They give us the energy and will power to be bold and focused. Plus they ensure that we stay healthy and strong and live longer.

Learning the simple tools and strategies to trigger happiness from within you right now (without waiting for something to make you happy) will give you the biochemical support you need to live your best life and CREATE what you want faster.


So start there, focus of cultivating happiness from within and watch it attract the love of your life, the income you want and a body that look and feels like a million bucks.

Much happiness,

Bec xoxo

PS. To learn more about a Happiness Practice and how to change your biochemistry for good, be sure to apply for a Discovery Session with me here.