How To Kiss Procrastination and Self-Sabotage Goodbye!


Is there something you really want to create in your life right now but you keep getting side-tracked?

Do you get distracted from that novel you want to write?

Too busy and overwhelmed to start dating?

Putting off researching that business idea you have been nursing for years because of some on-going drama or chaos?

We all face procrastination and self-sabotage from time to time…it’s the ego, hard at work, “protecting” us from change and keeping us “safe” in our little box.

But there comes a time when you have to stand up for your dreams and desires.

When the price of putting things off becomes too high. You feel stuck and anxious in life. Your soul writhes and burns for you to evolve and express yourself truly, fully.

This is the time to stare your fear-based ego square in the eyes and say, “no more stalling, please step aside. I have beauty and peace to create in my life.”

It is in that moment of alignment where you must commit to creating what your soul is asking for.

And it helps to have a trick up your sleeve to drown out the whines of your ego and bypass procrastination and self-sabotage.

I am about to share with you one of the most powerful tools to keep you in the actions of creation. This tool will help you keep forward momentum and make progress towards your divine destiny. Not only will it help prevent procrastination and self-sabotage from happening but it will also support you to quickly get back on track if or when it does.

It’s called: Your Why.

Identifying and connecting with the deepest reason and ultimate outcome behind your desires is fuel for your fire.

Most of us never dig deep into the “whys” of our heart’s desires.

We sense why but don’t give that why a lot of focus or connection.

It’s when we are disconnected to our deepest reason for creating something that we allow ourselves to delay. And in delaying we create existential agony in our hearts. Yes, pain.

Here’s the invitation…

Right now, this moment, identify your deepest desire – the one that keeps getting put off.

Got it?

Now ask your heart, “Why do you want to create this?”

Other variations of this question include:

“Why is this really important to you?”

“What does creating this make possible?”

“What is the cost of not creating this?”

THEN… Ask this question again with respect to your answer, and again until you get to the root of your desire!

For example:

“I desire to create a loving, grown-up, mutually nourishing partnership.”

Why? “Because it allows me to co-create a family and children.”

Why is this important? “Because I will have a consistent arena to express and experience the depths of intimacy and unconditional love and service to others.”

This is the root of your unique desire, this is what you are really after. It is a reflection of your core values, your soul’s food and innermost passion…that which is most important for you to create and experience while you are on the planet.

It’s not the guy and the kids…it’s your soul’s thirst for intimacy.

So the next time you are too busy or caught up in drama to do what it takes to prepare for a relationship or make yourself available for connection you can remind yourself:

What I am really putting off here is my soul’s deepest desire to explore the profound experience of intimacy and unconditional love.”

It can be useful to find an image that represents intimacy and unconditional love and place it where you can easily see it daily.

This will bolster your motivation to step out of your ego’s little box a bit more each day and take the action necessary.

If the root of your desire isn’t compelling for you it may mean your desire was never authentic to begin with – perhaps it’s your parents’ desire for you or something you thought you should want because everyone else seems to want it. In this case – you are allowed to completely release this desire and redirect your focus and energy towards something that truly and deeply stirs your soul!

Remember why,

Bec xoxo

PS. There is a great chapter in my book Inspired Income about “Your Why” especially focussed on the deepest reasons to make more money and create income streams. If you haven’t checked it out yet you can find it here.




11 *Critical* Reasons to do More of What You Love


I know. You already have enough reasons to do more of what you love.

You probably have a whole list of why you should travel more, spend more quality time with loved ones, pursue your artistic endeavors or do more yoga!

“But,” you’re probably thinking, “I just don’t have the time. Or the money. Or the energy!”

Otherwise you’d already be crushing grapes in Tuscany, certifying as a Pilates instructor or giving birth to your first gallery-worthy collection of acrylics on wood panel.


The point of this post is not to give you more reasons but emphasize the most critical reasons you MUST do what it takes, NOW, to create the time, money and energy you need to live your joy.

When you truly understand the *cost* of NOT prioritizing what you love in your life, you will have the motivation you need to break out of the same-ol, same-ol and take action.

No one will ring the doorbell and hand you a basket of extra time, money and energy. This is stuff you have to DECIDE to create and then make it real. And, I promise you, you can do that from exactly where you are right now.

Here are 11 critical reasons you must honestly consider doing more of what you love in your life – whether you do what you love as a vocation (you learned how to do this if you grabbed a copy of my book last week) or whether you do what you love outside of your work!


1. Doing what you love to do reduces stress hormones in your body which cause serious illness and aging, thus keeping you healthy and young.

2. Doing what you love improves your mood thus decreasing the chance of conflict in your love life and family life.

3. Doing what you love fuels you with extra energy and inspiration so you can be more focused and effective in the rest of you life.

4. Doing the things you love cultivates gratitude and satisfaction, which energetically attracts more positive experiences and outcomes as per the law of attraction.

5. Doing things you love feeds and reinforces your confidence and self-esteem as we tend to love things we are apt or gifted at, making you more attractive and respected by others.

6. Doing what you love gets you out of fear-based thoughts and into love-based thoughts, so you experience less anxiety or survival mode behaviors.

7. Doing what you love activates a natural high that counteracts depression, heals grievances and facilities forgiveness and letting go.

8. Doing what you love fulfills and completes you from within so you no longer turn to addictions or unnecessary consumption saving you a lot of money!

9. Doing what you love (and the joy it brings you) inspires and heals everyone around you, strangers and family alike.

10. Doing what you love has the potential to offer value to others and create extra wealth for you in an enjoyable way.

11. Doing what you love connects you to your spiritual self through your God-given gifts and passions, eliminating existential stress. (aka. that big empty void in your heart)

Can you see how critical and beneficial it really is to prioritize doing what you love? It doesn’t only give you a longer healthier life, happier, more intimate relationships and more money saved and earned BUT it makes the whole planet a better place!

It’s a way for you to contribute and make a difference. YES simply through spreading your God-given joy. I urge you to unleash it!

We all have excuses about why we can’t or won’t but the cost is significant. The solution is to LEARN HOW to create the resources you need to do more of what you love.

Creating extra money, time and energy isn’t magic, it’s a SKILL. Like learning the piano. Something you can practice and master. It requires you to work on yourself from the inside out and it can be learned quickly.

If you want to understand how it works, I invite you to apply for a free 30 minute Discovery Session with me so I can show you the steps personally. You can apply right here.

To your JOY and the immense power it has,

Bec xoxo




5 Ways to Unleash the Courage to Change!


Do you know, deep down, that you have to make a change in your life?

And I don’t mean a new haircut or rearranging your living room…

I mean one of those BIG changes. The SCARY kind of change that is much easier to avoid or ignore.

Things like letting go of a relationship, moving to new city or reinventing how you make money.

We ALL have moments when we face a call for BIG change. It’s a call for transformation, a doorway into the magic we yearn for!

Some of us obey and step into the magic, some of us don’t.

Some of us have the courage and some of us don’t.

And that’s OK either way.

What I know first hand is that when we don’t have the courage to heed our deep call for change, that call just gets louder and louder. It starts to chip away at our lives and tear things apart like our health our marriage, our bank accounts. Change will scream at us until we hear it. And sometimes it take a lot to get us to listen.

But if we know how to summon the courage to step in to BIG change, through the doorway to the magic that awaits – then we don’t have to watch life to tear itself apart before we don something about it!

We can gracefully face change head on on step into our biggest dreams, with exhilaration and trust.

I fought change. Boy oh boy.

Life had to tear me down before I collected bits and pieces of courage to make BIG change; to end my marriage, reinvent my career and heal my body.

In my new book Inspired Income, I share a personal story about the exact moment I could no longer avoid BIG change. It was a tender and humbling moment with my 6 year old daughter after a huge fight where it dawned on me that I could take her down with me if I didn‘t change. (You can grab a copy of my book here – it’s FREE ’til 3pm pst.)

My wish for you is that you step into change because you’re inspired and confident, not because you are terrified of what will happen if you don’t!

So I’d like to give you 5 ways to fill your heart with courage. The courage you need to face the call for BIG change head on, with a smile and a “bring it!”

These 5 simple courage boosters will prevent you from being forced into change like I was!

1. Enlist support.

Rally as many people around you as possible. Ask for help, accountability and guidance. Hang your pride up for while, it’s no use to you.  Build yourself a community of people who have created the change that’s calling you. People who know what it takes and how to do it, who have fallen into potholes that they can help you avoid. Collect as many resources that arm you with the information and tools to step into the change required.

2. Mediate like a fiend.

Turn inside as often and as long as you can. Find a meditation group or teacher. Get good at this so you can cut through your fear-based mental chatter and hear your inner guidance clearly. Once you get good at hearing your inner guidance during meditation, you actually start hearing it all day long. You begin to “sense” your way through life and TRUST yourself and the divine intelligence guiding you to your highest good.

3. Make friends with change.

Schedule little changes every day to get used to engaging in change. Part you hair differently tomorrow, switch to decaf, go vegan for one day a week. Make bigger and bigger changes as you go along. This programs your brain to know the experience of change as natural and safe. It melts away the fear and resistance stories that your ego has about change. To your ego change=death! In reality, change= miracles!

4. Take baby steps.

Dip you toe in the waters of your BIG change first. Every BIG change is made up of many little changes that all build on each other. BIG change is scary because we see it as a whole. Leaving a toxic relationship is scary, but what about starting with visualizing the change. What about spending one less day together, then two, then a week etc. Break your BIG change into little changes to bolster your courage.

5. Breath and smile. A lot.

These simple acts will change your biochemistry for the better. When we face change, it triggers a fear response in the brain. Cortisol and adrenaline rush through your system and trigger sabotaging behaviors like paralysis and avoidance. When a fear response comes up, simply breath and smile. Don’t stop until you feel your fear subside. Your brain will release new hormones that will keep you clear, focused, curious and open. It will create space for courage to awaken and move you towards the baby steps you need to create change!

If, like me, your call for BIG change involves reinventing your career, allow me to help unleash your courage with a new resource. My new book, Inspired Income is a clear step by (baby) step path towards building an income stream using your gifts and passions, a way to make money that lights you up every day.

If you haven’t already, you can receive the book for FREE on Amazon until 3 pm pst today here!

All you need is an Amazon account and either a Kindle or a free reading app. (Also if you are in outside of the US, search for “Inspired Income” on your country’s Amazon site in order to get the book free!)

To big juicy changes, the magic they bring and the courage to step into them,

Bec xox

PS. If you have already downloaded the book, Id’ LOVE to hear your feedback! It would help me a lot if you’d post a brief, honest review on Amazon here:) Thanks in advance xo