3 Steps to Break Through Your Invisible Blocks

3 Steps to Break Through Your Invisible Blocks


Ok so we all have blocks!

Many of them we are WELL aware of – maybe we deal with a lack of self-confidence or we have some nagging fear. Maybe we hate our job or we are stuck in a destructive relationship.

We know about these blocks, yet … why are they SO hard to break though? Why do they keep hanging over us, sabotaging our efforts and keeping us small?

What most of us don’t realize is that it’s not our conscious blocks that are doing damage in our life but it’s really our invisible subconscious blocks.

“INVISIBLE?!” you might think,

“If I can’t even break through my visible blocks, how can I even begin to break through my INVISIBLE ones?”

Well here’s the light: Our subconscious blocks are the real enemy, in fact, most of the time it’s our subconscious blocks that are responsible for our conscious ones. So we have to tease our invisible blocks out of the shadows in order to break through them.


By using the following 3 Steps:


1. Identify what’s NOT working in your reality.

We can bring our invisible blocks into daylight by looking at our reality and identifying what is going on that isn’t working for us.

For instance, if you are in a job you can’t stand - that is the reality you are currently experiencing – that I’m going to assume is NOT working for you.


2. Dig up the limiting belief (or STORY) that is fueling that reality.

What that reality is showing you is that  there is a belief or “story” about yourself or the world that you have subscribed to as truth. It might look like this:

It’s not safe to make career changes…

Following my dream is impossible…

I can’t manage risk or the judgement of others…

There are hundreds of possibilities and usually there is more than one little false story hanging out in there…your job it to pinpoint them.

Truth is: it’s not the work misery that is the block – the real block is the limiting belief that is hiding in your subconscious that keeps reflecting itself in your reality. So it’s time to write to a better story!


3. Start teaching yourself the truth.

Start looking for evidence of the reality you WANT to be experiencing. If you want to start transitioning into a vocation that lights up your soul you need to agree that it’s possible, look for proof around you or in your past and remind yourself every day that change can be easy and that you actually CAN manage authentic and calculated risk.

Once we start believing in what we want to see, it automatically influences our thoughts and actions – it also activates the law of attraction to support the manifestation of what we want to see happen!

Now that you know where your blocks are hiding…dig up your sleeves and break through!


Much love and flow,

Bec xoxo

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The 10 Freedoms: What Does Your Freedom Look Like?

The 10 Freedoms: What Does Your Freedom Look Like?




Over the years I have asked thousands of people about what they really want in their lives.

Sure, most people start off with things like more money, a soul mate, a job they love or a healthy body…but every time I go deeper with people and look underneath these desires I find a pattern:

The most common deepest desire is FREEDOM.

Either freedom to do or be something…or freedom from something.

More money gives us FREEDOM to live authentically

A soul mate gives us FREEDOM experience love.

A meaningful vocation gives us FREEDOM to express and contribute.

A healthy body gives us FREEDOM from pain and illness.

Although we live in a free world and have ample freedom to choose and act as we desire, our level of PERSONAL FREEDOM must be created deliberately and learning how to create personal freedom for yourself is simply a skill set like learning a new language or instrument. Before we create our own personal freedom though it’s important to determine what our personal freedom looks like.


The following 7 Freedoms underlie most of our big desires:

1. Financial Freedom – for those of us who value choice, power and security 

2. Time Freedom – for those of us who value the flexibility, ease and pleasure 

3. Relationship Freedom – for those of us who value love, intimacy and truth

4. Location Freedom – for those of us who value mobility and exploration

5. Creative Freedom – for those of us who value creativity, innovation and manifestation

6. Health Freedom – for those of us who value inner and outer wellbeing

7. Emotional Freedom – for those of us who value expression, joy and inner peace

8. Experiential Freedom – for those of us who value adventure, fun and novelty

9. Giving Freedom – for those of us who value contribution, generosity and legacy

10. Evolution Freedom – for those of us who value growth, change and personal development


So which are the top 3 freedoms that define YOUR personal freedom?

Identifying what your personal freedom looks like and then consciously creating those freedoms through your “life design” will profoundly close the gap between you and ALL your deepest desires!


Much love,

Bec xoxo

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How to Do What You LOVE to Make Money!

How to Do What You LOVE to Make Money!



Here’s juicy question for you:

If you didn’t get paid to do what you do…would you do it anyways?

Generally when asked this question, I hear 3 different answers.


1. NO WAY!

Some folks are strictly motivated by a paycheck to continue to do the work they do, day in and day out.


2. Hmmmm…some of it.

Other folks like (or even love) aspects of what they do but they sense there are some missing pieces from what the spend most of their waking life doing.


3. TOTALLY, but…

These folks are enamored with their work – these are the folks that usually don’t feel like they’re working when they are BUT they sense they could be making way more money.


Which one are you??


I’m sharing this with you so you know, regardless of which category you fall into, that there is a way to live the dream…to do what you love AND make the money you desire. We’re talking about the money that will fund your vision of an ideal life, that will enable you to be free and travel, spoil yourself and your loved ones, express yourself creatively and give back to those less fortunate!


There is a 4th answer to this question that I believe we are all truly in alignment with deep down. Getting to this answer took me 33 years to get to myself…


4. Absolutely, and being well paid is PART of what I do!

Doing what you love and being remunerated properly go hand in hand because you can lose the love of something (and downright resent it) if the energy exchange isn’t balanced. Plus you will be even better at doing what you do if you are compensated well so everyone wins!



There is a specific formula that allows you to create the income you want doing what you love and here it is:


Your passions, talents and experience + Solving someone else’s pain or problem = Getting paid doing what you love


Your job is to get clear on how to use all that you know and have to solve a problem for others in a commercially viable way. Period.


Building a Lifestyle Business is all about cracking that unique code for YOU and then planning a safe transition into doing that as your way of creating wealth!

So what does your formula look like? What have you got, or what do you know about that you’d love to share with others who need exactly that? And how will you solve a big fat problem for them?

Spend some time and write your ideas down and then commit to the possibility of making money doing what you love for life!


To your authentic wealth,


PS. Need some help figuring it out? Apply for a *free* Discovery Session with me here today to show you the way to making money doing what you love!