7 Questions To Identify Your Life’s Purpose

7 Questions To Identify Your Life’s Purpose


Ever feel like you were born to do something in particular, but you have no clue what that something is?

Do you have a sense that what you are doing or how you are currently living, isn’t 100% “you?”

Deep down, you know there’s something deeper, something more authentic and fulfilling that you are meant to be doing. You know you have a unique purpose for being here and not knowing what that purpose is, keeps you on edge and distracted in your life!

I remember waking up to this edginess for years, feeling like I was not really me! Like there was a gaping hole in my life.

I tried to fill that hole in all sorts of ways, thinking that if I was successful, well-loved and important the hole would go away. But no matter how much money was made, how many projects and businesses were created, how many relationships were had or how many self-help books were read, the hole remained. Empty.

Until I discovered the key powerful questions that uncovered my purpose I felt:

exhausted and overwhelmed,

anxious and afraid,

depressed and paralyzed,

unworthy and not enough,

even judgemental of others!

These emotional states fractured my relationships, abolished fun and joy, decreased my health and wealth levels, and rendered me ineffective and inefficient.

It took a life breakdown for me to stop looking outside for who I was (and what I was here to create) and start looking within for some big answers. I hired powerful mentors who revealed key questions that would guide me to the places within that I hadn’t even though to look – and who held me accountable to face and answer those questions. 

The following 7 questions are the main questions that will open your eyes to your purpose. Once you answer them, you will begin to see patterns in your answers that show you your creative path.

Create sacred, distraction-free time with yourself to ask and answer the following:

a) What are my gifts and talents?

b) What are my deepest values?

c) What are my skills and learnings?

c) What are my passions?

d) What are my desires?

e) What are the wisdoms I have gleaned from challenges?

f) How do I want to make a difference on this planet?

Once answered, take a look at everything you’ve uncovered and start connecting the dots. What themes repeat themselves in your answers, what things appear as if they go together. Ask someone close to you what patterns they see that perhaps you can’t!

For example say you go through your answers and the repeat themes reveal this:

Are a gifted painter and you are passionate about teaching and youth. You value freedom of expression, adventure and empowering others. You’ve always wanted to travel the world to gather and share inspiration. You endured and thrived through bullying in school thereby cultivating a skill of healthy expression and self-love, and every time you hear of a girl who is being bullied you wish you could whisper in her ear to give her the tools that helped you!

Can you see the threads of purpose in this example? Can you see how this purpose can be expressed in life?

  • Annual trips to other counties, teaching young girls to express through art?
  • Creating a workshop, book or course about self-expression and self-love?
  • Painting works of art that are sold to raise funds for anti-bullying causes?

There are many ways this purpose can be expressed – it is ultimately the expression of purpose that fills the void and allows us to thrive and evolve.

Begin by asking and exploring then take the next steps and design a plan to LIVE your purpose out loud!

Filling your void,

Bec xoxo

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Are You Waiting or Creating?

Are You Waiting or Creating?


Ever feel like your life is just “happening TO you?”
That there’s so much “out of your control?”
And you have limited power over how things play out?

“Life happens to me” is one of the most destructive myths we buy into. I remember years of floating through my days reacting to things that “happened to me.” Sure I took steps towards my dreams and goals, but no matter how hard I tried to control my relationships, my finances, my health… I felt was utterly winging it.

My head swarmed with things like:

Oh well, it wasn’t meant to be…
Or: It must be fate or karma, luck or coincidence…
How could this have happened..?
And, my favourite: Why me..?

Sound familiar?

This myth keeps us extremely small, anxious and powerless in our lives – constantly bracing ourselves for what might occur. We end up doubting, fearing, wishing, hoping…kind of just WAITING for things to happen in our favour.

Truth is: We create everything that we perceive. Everything that happens and everything that doesn’t. Even the bad stuff. Consciously or not, we are the force behind every moment of our life experiences.

It’s a tough pill to swallow, huh?

After we get over the initial shock of this truth, we are able to take what’s called “radical personal responsibility” for creating everything that does or does not happen in our life.

That’s when everything changes.

For me, that’s when I was guided to the mentors that would teach me the alchemy of how to create my reality. I began shaping reality, releasing blocks and manifesting my deepest desires.
Doubt became confidence.
Fear became excitement.
Wishing turned into trusting.
Hoping turned into knowing.
Waiting turned into…creating.

Debunking this myth within yourself is ground zero for creating your desires.

Ready to take radical personal responsibility yourself? Follow these 3 steps:

1. Make a Declaration.

Repeat after me: Whether I like it or not, I am the sole force behind my entire perceived reality. Everything I experience today is the echo of a past decision I made either consciously or not; in my mind, heart or spirit. There is no such thing as luck, coincidence or fate. I am an extension of the divine creative force and thus, participate in constant creation. (Deep huh?)

By declaring “radical personal responsibility,” we restore our power to deliberately affect and change what we are experiencing. If we do not agree to this truth we are literally throwing our divine creative power into the gutter, keeping us trapped in the illusion of victimhood.

2. Live intentionally.

Create clear intentions for everything! Write out what you intend to create as your big life vision and read it every day. Even for your day-to-day activities, set clear intentions about how you want to show up, how you intend to be received or what you intend to walk away with from each encounter. You can utter intentions to yourself for everything from job interviews (“I rock this interview and leave them wowed!“) to safely driving from A to B (“Where ever I go, at all times, I am safe and protected.”)

Make intentional living a habit and you’ll never “wing it” in your life again. The more you repeat your intentions the more they become wired into your belief system as truth – this puts your intentions on autopilot so they create your reality without you even trying!

3. Take responsibility for the limiting beliefs that keep you from creating your reality.

Limiting beliefs are the decisions we’ve made in the past (going back to childhood) that diminish our creative power. They are the words we hear in our head that make us feel small, impotent and powerless. Words like: “life is hard” or “I’m not enough again” are clearly beliefs that need to be cast out. What you believe, you WILL perceive.

It’s a common mistake to think “we have to see it to believe it”, but it’s actually the other way around. We have to believe it to see it – even if we can’t see how it’s possible. Repeat, “what if life IS easy” and “what if I AM enough” 20 times a day and your realty will begin to reflect ease, self-love and confidence!

Don’t wait…create what you desire always,

Bec xoxo

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Why We Feel Down and How To Feel Better

Why We Feel Down and How To Feel Better


Dealing with any of these feelings lately: sadness, anger, confusion, anxiety, frustration, doubt, regret?

It’s totally normal to feel this stuff from time to time; it’s in our emotional repertoire. But if we don’t know how to move through and out of these states, we all know – life ain’t fun!

Our health suffers because we make poor choices to drown out bad feelings –  choices around what we eat and how we treat our bodies.

Our relationships take a hit because we project our bad feeling on to others, especially our spouses and kids.

Our bank accounts suffer because we cope through emotional spending. Plus, we get ineffective and unmotivated at work to the point where we are despondent, exhausted or paralyzed.

Clearly we want to know how to shake these states, agreed? Understanding WHY we are feeling this way is the first step to processing our way out of them.

When you boil it all down, there is really one main thing at the root of any negative emotional state. That’s right, ONE thing:


Resistance to reality. Resistance to truth. Resistance to love. Resistance manifests in many forms and is the fundamental cause of all misery:(


Below you will find the 7 most common ways we resist in life. As you read through these, see if any of them feel familiar to you. Chances are, working out of this resistance will wash away your current bad feelings:)

1. Disallowance – we don’t allow something to be what it is. This could be a situation, a person, even the self. When we want something to be other than it is we resist its true nature.

The remedy: Start giving everything and everyone permission to be what they are. Just say it in your head, “OK, I can accept this/you/myself.”

2. Attachment – we cling to things and want them to stay a certain way or we want to have/own/keep something. Again this could be a circumstance, a dream, a person or relationship. Attachment is resistance to change as well as resistance to letting go of what’s not serving the highest good for all.

The remedy: Release expectation of and attachment to any outcome, thing or person. Say,”I will be OK letting this go. It’s for the highest good of all.”

3. Blame – we place responsibility on others or on circumstances, leaving us powerless to control our reality. This is resisting the truth that we are the cause of all that we perceive and experience.

The remedy: Take radical (and I mean 110%) responsibility for creating everything that you perceive and experience. Say,”Consciously or not, I have created this…in.ter.est.ing!”

4. Resentment – we harbor anger, rage, frustration or annoyance (sometimes without even realizing) projecting them towards other people or circumstances. We resist forgiveness and acceptance of reality.

The remedy: Process the bad feelings you are projecting towards others by feeling them fully and then make a choice to forgive, grace and bless the circumstance or person, even if it’s you!

5. Deceit or denial – we lie to ourselves and others. This is resisting the truth.

The remedy: Get totally honest with yourself about who you are, what you want, what’s a problem, where you’re blocked etc. Often we only lie or deny to others because we are unknowingly lying or denying to ourselves. Start with you first!

6. Suppression – we stop ourselves from expressing and living our authentic thoughts and feelings.

The remedy: Express yourself. Have the conversation that needs to be had, sing the song that needs to be sung, create the lifestyle your soul authentically calls for! Take action to overcome fear.

7. Judgement – we decide something or someone is wrong (or right) or bad (or good). We resist loving all of creation as creation itself because we give things personal meaning.

The remedy: Acceptance of all that is, just as it is… as simply “what is.” Avoid projecting your own meaning onto things. Grace all that is with your love as part of divine creation no matter how good bad it may seem. 


Resistance is like interference in a electrical circuit. It blocks the flow of energy/life force/love through our beings and our lives. The biggest cause of resistance is fear. When we choose love and acceptance for all that is we more easily eliminate resistance and all the low frequency emotions along with it!

Welcome back to feeling good,

Bec xoxo

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