The 7 Secrets to Your Greatest Wealth (Part 1)

The 7 Secrets to Your Greatest Wealth (Part 1) 



What if  there were just a few simple principles that could unlock your greatest wealth for life?

What if you already had everything you needed to apply these principles…

…except, maybe, knowledge of the principles themselves?


Most of the world is largely “in the dark” about these principles. You might have heard about some of them, but never fully realized how powerful using them could be!

This series of 7 posts will finally disclose the SECRETS to your greatest wealth creation. For wealth to flow uninhibited into your life, all 7 of these principles must be carefully examined and applied.

In today’s world, we are all bombarded with tips and strategies every day on how to “make it,” how to have all that we truly want. This series is not intended to waste your precious time and energy so instead of going into great detail about what wealth energy is and how it works, you are simply invited to apply each principle one at a time and see your own wealth creation unfold for yourself.

You have nothing to lose and all your greatest wealth to gain!

So without further ado, you will now be introduced to the first principle of wealth creation…


Secret 1st to your Greatest Wealth is…


When we experience peace in our minds, hearts and lives, there are no longer barriers to the energy of wealth. There is an enormous degree of receiving and allowing that “peace energy” activates within and around us that is highly magnetic to wealth of all kinds.

So what disrupts our personal “peace energy?”


Resistance builds up walls and barriers to the flow of wealth.

Your first focus to create wealth is to shift any areas of resistance in your life to ACCEPTANCE. Moving from resistance to acceptance takes 7 different forms. Here are the possible forms of resistance blocking your flow of wealth and also the forms of acceptance necessary to restore PEACE (and wealth) in your life.

1. Deprivation —> Permission

What are you not allowing yourself to receive or give?

2. Clinging —> Releasing

What are you holding on to that no longer serves you?

3. Blaming —> Responsibility

What experience in your life are you not taking full responsibility for?

4. Resenting —> Forgiving

What have you not forgiven yourself or others for?

5. Denying or Deceiving —> Authenticity and Honesty

What have you not been truth with yourself about?

6. Suppression —> Expression

What are you not allowing your soul to express?

7. Judgement and Fear —> Love and Compassion

What are you rejecting about yourself or the world?


So, where in your life are you in RESISTANCE? And what if shifting into ACCEPTANCE was the key to your greatest wealth?

Because it is!

…more to come.


Unleashing your greatest wealth,

Bec  xo

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