The Silent “Success Killer” and How to Get Rid of It!

The Silent “Success Killer” and How to Get Rid of It! 


So, you finally know exactly what you want to create. You see it, you feel it, you know it’s what you are meant to create because it sparkles like a supernova.

You declare it out loud:

That’s it! I am creating real love in my life…

OK…if I don’t create my dream business now, I’ll never do it!

No more excuses…today’s the day I put paint to canvas, I put bow to strings, pen to paper. From this day forward I express from the depths of my my soul!

You put together plan, gather materials, even start to cover ground in the right direction and then suddenly – out of nowhere – something gets in the way: sabotage, body breakdown, life distractions. You find yourself side-tracked from creating what you said you would. Before you know it, your creative vision fades into the background. Again.

All the usual stories come up:

Well maybe it’s not the right time…

I guess it’s just not meant to be:(

What was I thinking? Might as well give up like everyone says I should.

I call BS. And here’s why…


As we head into the home stretch of the year it’s important to expose a silent “success killer” that thwarts our dreams and desires. Understanding what’s really causing this sabotage and “sidetracking” is HUGE!


What’s really thwarting you is something I call your Shadow Desire.


See… there are two kinds of desires:

1. Soul Desires

This is what you truly want to create from the depths of your soul, the things you say you want to manifest.

2. Shadow Desires

This is all that you want to avoid, all that you are resistant to – the things you don’t want to see, hear or feel.

These Shadow Desires are fed by our ego and our fear.


If your Shadow Desires are in conflict with your Soul Desires they will create blocks that keep you from manifesting what you want…especially when your Shadow Desire is bigger and stronger than your Soul Desire.

Say your Soul Desire is to make an extra 5K a month by building a passion-based business.  But your Shadow Desire is that you don’t want to experience failure or judgement. If your resistance to failure and judgement is stronger than your inspiration to make extra income – guess what?

You will continuously experience self-sabotage and distraction in the building of your business.

So here’s the most important part of this: in order to realize our dreams we MUST reduce the strength of our Shadow Desire so that it causes less “creative drag!”

The secret?

Deep down underneath every Shadow Desire is a FEELING we want to avoid. Failure and judgment come with a feeling that we often decide is too uncomfortable or painful to bear.

We must decide something new.

What if we decide that the FEELING that comes with failure and judgement is safe for us to experience? That it is just a temporary physiological phenomenon that has no meaning other than the meaning we choose to give it?

What if we invite the feelings of judgement and failure so we can practice being safe within them? The more we practice experiencing them… the more tolerant we become of them and the less we desire to avoid them. And presto… the Shadow Desire diminishes.


That’s when we start to see flow towards creating our desires.

So whatever it is you are most afraid to feel – start feeling it on purpose: rejection, fear, humiliation, shame etc. and it will stop silently killing your success!

Unleashing your Soul Desires,

Bec xoxo

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The Secret Shortcut to “Get What You Want”

The Secret Shortcut to “Get What You Want”


Are you working tirelessly to get what you want in life?

Working hard on your personal development, at your job and in your relationships?

It can be downright exhausting sometimes to strive for your desires, right?


What if I told you there was a secret shortcut to get what you want that the most successful people on the planet use every day?

In fact, you may have heard of this shortcut before but never really realized just how much time, energy and money this ‘lil trick will save you on the road to your deepest desires.


This secret catapulted me from sick, single and jobless to fully free and thriving.

Applying it in my life keeps me financially abundant and deeply fulfilled. It allows me to sleep in whenever I want, go to yoga every day, homeschool, travel, own my own home, save for my future and contribute to the lives of thousands of people doing what I love and much, much more!

This secret is so important that before I reveal it to you I implore you to prepare something to take note of it right now – pull out your iPhone, journal or a sticky note.


Here’s what this simple secret is:

The fastest, easiest way to get what you want is to spend a lot of time with or around people who already have what you want.

You’ve probably heard the theory that we become a combo of the 5 people we spend the most time with, right?

Well that applies to what you want too! Spending a lot of your time with at least 5 people who already have what you want primes you to have it as well.



Because beliefs, thoughts, actions and ideas are all as contagious as the giggles. Through energetic osmosis we take on the inner and outer patterns of those around us most.

Our brains (miraculous as they are) are built to make us as much like our tribe members as possible so we aren’t ousted and left to die…it’s primitive survival wiring.


Nowadays, we don’t need to share a cave with these 5+people.

We can commune with them online, by phone or even through studying their work and creative expression as much as possible. For instance, reading this post brings the two of us closer in wiring!

Of course, communing in person has the most intense effect on our lives so it’s important to build our relationship proximity over time.

That’s why people with mentorship or coaches have tendency to thrive. It’s why people with masterminds and study/support groups get results.



It doesn’t mean you have to get rid of people in your life that don’t have what you want, but you may want to temporarily limit your exposure to them while you are rewiring to get what you want.

Doing so will eventually up-level those people to where you are too!


This concept isn’t one side either.

You have something very unique and special within you – a gift, skill, idea, wisdom etc. that those you are called to commune with require as well.

Lead these new relationships from that part of you…giving from there has the highest ROI.


So here’s your homework: who has what you want? Who is doing what you want to do? List way more that 5 people so that you can reach out to as many new tribe members as possible and then cultivate those relationships to take on the wiring you need to get what you want!


Way more fun that struggling and working hard to do it all on your own right?


Making your desires easy,

Bec xoxox

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The #1 Action to Successfully Create Your Desires

The #1 Action to Successfully Create Your Desires


Imagine for a moment: You wake up tomorrow and your deepest desire is finally realized.

You’ve hit your income goal, you’re in the arms of your yummy life partner, you actually feel amazing and energized in your body…

You were clear on your desire, clear on what it looked and felt like and used a reliable strategy to CREATE it.

SUCCESS, right? Triumph, celebration!  You’d jump out of bed and do a happy dance, throwing your fist in the air with a big fat “YES!”


Earlier this week I had one of those “YES” mornings!  I successfully created the sale of my house… a result that gives me an entirely new level of freedom to start travel-schooling my daughter Meelah.

I knew what it would look and feel like – receiving full price, awesome and friendly buyers, moving out at the perfect time. Check, check and check.

Did I know when or how it would happen? No! But thanks to my own reliable desire creation strategy, the INSPIRED Creative Process, I trusted in it’s perfect unfoldment.


Looking back at the weeks leading up to this moment of success, I was reminded of something… an important action that any powerful Creator knows about and uses diligently.

After a year with my house on the market, the sale finally happened the moment I took this very specific action.


Curious what it is?


It’s stepping into a powerful place of creation called the “edge.” The fringe of your comfort zone.

The weeks leading up to the sale, I made some new decisions that nudged me well out of my newest comfort zone (comfort zones grow as you do):

*I lovingly released a romantic relationship that no longer served – AHHH!

*I started homeschooling my daughter – OOOmmmmm…

*I enlisted a fantasy fiction writing mentor to keep me flirting with my edge and help me produce some delicious writing – (DEEP BREATHS)


Whammo, house sold.

After a year of open houses.

See, my desire was waiting for me to step into my new “edge.”  As soon as I did it, it came to fruition.


So, where is your latest edge?  What actions have you not taken yet that make you feel just a little nervous, that make your palms a bit sweaty and your heart skip a beat? THOSE are the actions that will unlock your deepest desires time and time again!


Holding your sweaty hand in my sweaty hand,

Bec xoxo

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