How Happiness Decreases Aging, Illness and Weight Gain


Have you ever thought about what you can do to slow down aging for yourself? What about getting less sick or losing unnecessary weight?

You might have heard that things like meditation, alkaline foods and good sleeping habits help to prevent aging, illness and weight gain but did you know that emotional wellness (aka. Happiness) is a major contributor too?

Let me explain a bit about the biochemistry…

When we hang out in “feel bad” states like anger, anxiety or confusion our brain goes into fight-or-flight mode.

Because these are the primitive emotional reactions we have when we are being threatened, the brain releases stress hormones into our body that boost our physical ability to battle something or run like hell.


But these stress hormones can cause a bunch of health problems if they are getting pumped through the body regularly. These stress hormones:

-compromise our immunity which means we get sick more easily

-cause our bodies to hold on to fat which means we gain weight

-shorten our telomeres (which regulate our physical aging) which means we physically age faster

This is why some people who are in a constant state of stress look and feel much older than they should. It’s why some people are always getting sick or holding on to unnecessary weight.

The good news is, there are simple daily actions and life tweaks that can permanently reduce the occurrence of stress hormones in your body – allowing you to stay younger and healthier and maintain an ideal weight! These actions are the core practices of the happiest and healthiest people I know! Yes, meditation, alkaline foods and good sleep reduce stress hormones, and so do things like:

-learning to shift out of negative emotions fast

-rewiring limiting beliefs that trigger “bad feelings” or bad habits with food or addictions

-aligning to your life’s purpose and knowing your true soul’s path

-cleaning up your relationship patterns

-learning to self-love

…to list a few.

If you want to permanently reduce “bad feelings” or habits and decrease aging, illness and weight gain then these skills and a solid Happiness Practice are must-haves for you! 

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Much love,

Bec xoxo



A Secret Shortcut to Manifesting Your Desires


Did you have any new life desires pop up over the holidays?

What about desires you’ve been nursing for a while – is this the year to manifest them?

A new income level, a new love relationship, a younger more energized body?

What is it for you??


Now that the new year is underway, it’s time to set your sights on manifesting your new desires!

You probably already know how important it is to clearly define and describe your desires for this year. The best way to do this is to write them out in detail in the form of a declaration, kind of like this:

“This year I choose to create/activate _____(desire in detail)_____ by doing _____ (action steps you know are necessary)_____ so that _____ (the outcome of manifesting this desire)_____.”

A basic example: This year I choose to elevate my net personal income by $30,000 by creating a new product in my business by the end of March that generates $3000/month so that I can pay off my credit card debt in full.”

Or: This year I choose to create my ideal romantic partnership, by identifying my ideal life parter, signing up with a matchmaker by Feb 1st and rewiring my relationship beliefs and blocks so that I can finally build my own family.

Once you have a clear declaration (and feel free to get even more detailed than these examples) it’s time to activate the secret shortcut to manifesting your desire.


See, clarity comes first. It’s kind of like the image on a projector slide, but what really projects the image/desire into reality is the LIGHT we shine through the slide. 

This light exists within us in the form of FEELINGS. Specifically, feeling the outcome as if it is already so.

So how do we shine the light? How do we activate the feeling of the outcome now?

Here’s my favorite shortcut:

Before going to sleep at night and upon waking in the morning repeat this statement:

“So. This is what it feels like to_________.”

“So. This is what it feels like to generate an extra $30,000 this year and become financially solvent!”

“So. This is what it feels like to build a family within in a healthy and sustainable love relationship!”

Repeat this for 60 seconds and you will literally feel the desire you are after.

I invite you to take a couple minutes right NOW and write out your main desire for this year as a declaration and a corresponding statement to repeat. You can just do it on your smart phone or on the closest piece of paper!

Commit to this clarity and to activating the corresponding feeling and watch as your actions are guided from the deepest part of you every day to make your desire unfold!

To your highest desires and your ultimate happiness,

Bec xoxo



5 Powerful Steps to Maximize Your Year Ahead


Have you had a chance to reflect on your unique journey this year?

Do you want to maximize the year ahead using all that you experienced and learned in 2015?


It’s immensely powerful and satisfying to recap your year as it can help you both honor and leverage all that transpired for you. By recapping I mean things like…

Celebrating your breakthroughs, adventures and joys…

Taking a compassionate look at the places you fell or disconnected to help make new decisions moving forward…

And highlighting the new wisdom and clarity you now have about yourself and the world!


The New Year is one of the most effective times to spend (even just a few) moments in reflection.

When you break life into yearly chapters it gives you permission and space in between to pause and work with your inner energies (beliefs, thoughts, feelings) and your outer energies (decisions, habits and actions) to get them moving in alignment with your highest self and best life! It allows you to:

*Acknowledge what worked and where you triumphed

*Assess what is blocking you and how

*Refine your life vision

*Ask high quality questions about what must happen next

*Release that which did not serve you

*Commit to new undertakings or re-commit to ones you didn’t get to

*Forgive yourself and others

*Set new intentions for what you’d like to experience in the year ahead


You can take inventory of your life and what you gained or lost, what happened or what didn’t and often even determine why.

It’s kind of like… inner “spring cleaning” (but in the winter.)

And we all know what happens when we don’t spring clean… we end up with layers of mess that pile on top of each other month after month!


If you’ve never done a year end reflection (or always meant to and just don’t for whatever reason) it can help to have a simple guideline of questions!

Set aside 5-10 minutes, right now if you can, and reflect upon the following questions:

  1. What do I want to celebrate and be grateful for about this past year and why? (Give self a hug)
  2. What did I mean to create but did not and will I recommit to creating that this year? (Give self another hug)
  3. What NEW feelings and experiences am I inspired to create this coming year and why are they important? (Add them on vision board)
  4. What do I know I must release moving forward to create this reality? (Exhale what no longer serves right now!)
  5. What qualities must I activate and what actions must I commit to to create this reality? (Inhale what you wish to invoke!)


You can even break life down into smaller chapters like months or weeks..DAYS!… and ask a few simple questions at each new chapter to stay on course!

Handing you your compass,

Bec xo

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