Are You Ready to Fall in Love With Your Life?

Are You Ready to Fall in Love With Your Life?





If you have been operating in struggle, confusion and frustration in your life since you can remember – and I mean in any area of your life:

Struggling with creating money…

Confused about your relationships…

Frustrated by your job, environment, body or any other circumstances…

 …chances are you’ve never felt the bliss and relief of being totally in LOVE with your life.


So listen up!

Struggle, confusion, anger, lack, and frustration are actually ALL SYMPTOMS of being out of ALIGNMENT with who you REALLY ARE.

And the consequence of that… is being off-purpose in your life. When we are off-purpose, life is hard across the board because we are ignoring what is most important and true for our souls to create and experience!

And so life keeps pounding us over the head until we get back INTO alignment. 

It’s like having your back out. With a slipped disc, everything is a painful struggle: from tying your shoelace to hugging a friend! Once that disc gets back into place we are free to flow and move easily!

Getting in alignment with who we really are and living a life on-purpose is the single most powerful strategy to fall in love with your life. For good.


Ok so how do we get on-purpose? How do we ALIGN with who we really are?

It’s remarkably simple: We answer a series of high-quality questions for ourselves and then use the answers to make new choices in our life.

See, the quality of your life is directly related to the quality of questions you ask yourself.

When I do Life Purpose work with my clients we answer over 100 high quality questions together to crystallize what is most true for them so they can fall madly in love with their lives again or perhaps even for the first time!

For the sake of this post I will give you an overview of some of the questions so you can get started with realigning right away.

The 5 most important high quality questions to help you realign and start living your life on purpose are the following:

1. What are your top 3 divine-given gifts and how are you exchanging them for value in the world?

2. What are the top 3 skills that your have developed and/or mastered and how are you leveraging them in your life?

3. What are your top 3 most important core values and are you honouring them in your life choices?

4. What 3 areas of interest are your most passionate about and how are you including these passions in your life?

5. What are the 3 biggest challenges you have overcome and how are you helping others overcome them?


Answering these question has the power to change your entire life, to put your soul’s disc back into place so you can create flow and ease in all areas of your life.

If you are interested to see what falling in love with your life is all about then I invite you (TODAY) to write out all 5 of the these questions and spend no more than 30 minutes answering them. Your answers will illuminate EXACTLY where you can make new choices – and believe me, some of these choices may be a big deal, but they are essential to live free of struggle and strain!

Bringing you home you YOU,

Bec xo

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3 Steps to Setting Up a Most Successful 2015

3 Steps to Setting Up a Most Successful 2015





Can you believe there are only a few weeks left in the year already!?

That means it’s time to set yourself up for a successful 2015 NOW!


Most people wait until New Year’s Eve to think about the year ahead (if at all) but it’s a powerful practice to schedule in some reflection and planning time BEFORE December 31st hits.

That’s because once we click into holiday mode, self-time often gets elbowed out! By the time we get to January 1st we’re flustered that the year is already unfolding — so we end up forgetting about the whole planning thing and end up winging it…again!

If you really want to set yourself up for success this coming year, make sure you schedule in some self-time (even just an hour) alongside your Christmas shopping and tree decorating! Consider it the gift you are getting for yourself this holiday season.

To help you get set up for a most successful year, here are the top 3 steps I recommend to align your energy with your desires so you can co-create what you want in 2015!


1. Pick your Top 3 Creative Desires for 2015

A year is a long time and there are a LOT of things we can create in that time but co-creation is most effective when it is focused. One of the biggest mistakes we make is having too many things on our plate to create at once, instead of focusing intently on a few key desires.

When we spend our time and energy creating more than 3 things at a time our efforts become diluted. We don’t see as much progress so we get frustrated and overwhelmed and give up more easily on doing what it takes to bring what we desire into reality.

So what are your top 3 desires? 

Take a minute now and make a mental note of them.

Focus on those until you start seeing some results, then you can add on new desires!


2. Write a Clear Intention for Each Desire

In a journal, smart phone or on some recipe cards, write out a powerful and clear intention for each of your desires. Then use these written intentions as your daily reading! Remember what you focus on consistently, expands – simply reading your intentions daily energizes them energetically and aligns your thoughts, feelings and ACTIONS with your desires. It also instructs Universal energy, informing it what you need support with!

When you write your intentions, make sure they follows these rules:

~ present (or past) tense

~ affirmative/positive phrasing only (ex. “reach my ideal weight” vs “lose my body fat”)

~ specific and detailed

~ emotionally charged – it’s gotta get you excited!

~ include what you plan to DO to bring it forward

~ include how it will feel once it happens

~ include why it’s important to you to create

~ include any requests your have for the Universe to support you

Here’s an example: I easily reach my ideal weight of 125 lbs by March 31st by renewing my yoga pass, doing 45 minutes of cardio 3x/week, eating whole nutritious meals and getting an accountability buddy. Reaching my ideal weight allows me to feel confident in my skin wherever I go, boosts my immunity and helps me re-spark my romantic connection with my partner. I activate gratitude, ease, confidence, joy and empowerment and request that I am infinitely supported by the Universe – may it help me stay motivated, focused, enthusiastic, self-loving and committed.

Use your scheduled self-time to write these out!


3. Embody the Vibration of Your Desires

Once you have some clear intentions written out and are committed to reading them daily, the next step is FEELING the outcome in the very cells of your body – as if it’s already a reality. My favourite way to do this is to identify the emotional vibrations of each desire and then activate them using my imagination for 1-2 minutes right after I read my intention.

For the example above, the vibrations of the outcome are a combination of confidence, health, energy, ease and empowerment.

FEELING these states in your bones every day – before you even start creating your desire – is half the work to make it a reality!

So, what are the emotional vibrations of your ideal outcome?

Write them underneath your intention and spend 1-2 minutes feeling them every day!


Revving up your deepest desires for the year ahead,

Bec xoxo


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3 Simple Tricks for ABUNDANCE This Holiday Season

3 Simple Tricks for ABUNDANCE This Holiday Season


Do the holidays sometimes give you mixed feelings?

You feel the warm joy and magic of the season bubbling up around you – holiday tunes, twinkling lights, special events and togetherness everywhere you turn?

But underneath you feel anxious and uneasy – facing all the things that are lacking for you… that special person, more time to create memories or the money to give to your heart’s content?


The holidays can “trigger us” in strange and peculiar ways and it helps to understand what’s going on energetically so we can show up and enjoy the season no matter what!

So what is underneath all the discomfort?  It’s what I call the “Scarcity Epidemic.

Scarcity is like a contagious flu that is rampant in our western society.

Most of us grew up learning the LIE that there isn’t enough, or worse that we aren’t enough!

Even on a subtle level, this early belief wiring can infect us with the Scarcity Epidemic for our entire lives.

We end up experiencing lack in one or more areas of our lives: not enough love, time, money, freedom etc.


Because the holidays are traditionally all about abundance, giving and generosity – they activate our scarcity beliefs through contrast!

So what exactly can we do about it?

When we catch the flu , we amp up our immune system to counteract the virus, right? Scarcity has to be dealt with the same way. We need to amp up our abundance vibration as a form of immune boosting against the Scarcity Epidemic.


Here are 3 powerful ways you can activate your abundance vibration starting now:


1. The Hand Over

When you are feeling scarcity or lack in any area – love, money, health – you can hand over that vibration to the Universe (or whatever your “greater power” is)! Imagine taking the scarcity flu out of you body and handing it over to something that will neutralize it energetically. I talk myself through handing over my low vibrations (including fear, frustration, anxiety) like this:

“I am feeling lack, but I choose not to…Universe, please take this vibration from me now, thank you.”

Then I imagine literally holding my hands out for the lack to be taken out of them. The simple act of giving yourself permission to feel the vibration and then willingly release it is a powerful way to allow your natural state of abundance to reestablish itself.


2. The List

Another simple abundance booster is to spend your first few waking moments focusing on the abundance you DO have. I like to write out a list of what I have in spades and have it at my bedside so I don’t have to think when I wake up. All I have to do is read it. The list would include things like this:

~ emotional love and support

~ health and energy

~ ideas and desires

~ clean water and air

~ internet access

~ bobby pins …whatever!!

If you’ve got lots of it, it counts! Then when I wake up (and often before sleep too) I will read through the list like this:

WOW! Amazing! I love that I have an abundance of…


3. The Give

There’s no faster way to amp up abundance than to start giving what you have.

This exercise builds on the last one. Once you identify all the various things you have in spades, it’s time to just start giving them – no holds bar.

Start paying attention to what those around you need. Do they need a hug, your perspective, a warm cup of coffee, a ride. Give, give, give and you create a void within yourself to receive huge abundance.

If you really want to up the ante (this one’s totally counter-intuitive)…see if you can give what it is that you need most.

Want more intimate love? Start loving more intimately!! Want more cash flow, start giving cash – even a small amount!


So are you willing to hand over your feeling of lack? Are you willing to focus on all that you DO have? Are you willing to share those things to the best of your ability? Then prepare for an abundance of love, time, money and joy this holiday season and beyond!


Wishing you abundance always,

Bec xoxo

PS. Understanding the INSPIRED Creative Process helps you avoid scarcity and lack for the rest of your life. If you’re curious about how it will help you, be sure to apply for your free 30 minute Discovery Session here.