The Real Reason We Don’t Reach Our Dreams

The Real Reason We Don’t Reach Our Dreams


Ever wonder why some people actually live their dreams and why others don’t?

And what about you?

Are YOU one of those people who has important desires that just never seem to come into fruition?

If you are, then it’s time you figured out why your dreams keep falling flat.


Experiencing the love, money, health and success you deserve requires some very important information.

And it has to do with how you are spending your resources like time, energy and money.

See, most of us spend the bulk of our resources on the OUTER STEPS of reaching our desires.

We are taught that if we work long and hard… if we want something badly enough and do whatever it takes to make it happen then it will be ours!

We set our goals, we make plans, we hire people, we study and learn new skills, we connect with the right people, we hustle and grind our way to what we want. We do EVERYTHING that we can see to pave the way there.

But there is ONE thing we don’t see.


One thing we don’t spend our time, energy and money on that is one of the most important things for our success.

It’s something that’s not at all outer… but inner.

Our belief system.


If our belief system is out of alignment with our desires it will sabotage, thwart and destroy our progress – regardless of how hard we are working and how much we do outwardly.

Let’s go even deeper here: it’s not just our CONSCIOUS belief system (the beliefs we have that we know we have) that we must align, but our UNCONSCIOUS belief system (which actually has even more influence on our reality than our conscious one!)

Say, we want to step out of our current job start our own business. We want the freedom and satisfaction of that reality. We research the options of what product or service to offer, invest in training and mentorship, launch a website and even start marketing consistently. Outwardly, this looks like a recipe for success.

BUT if (on any level) we don’t believe we can pull it off – perhaps we have some seeds of doubts cast within us by family or friends, or we have a story about our capacity to create wealth or our worthiness to grasp our dreams – these forces will tear away at our progress. And if left unchecked, this will ultimately sabotage our dream for good!


That’s why it is imperative that we invest in uncovering all levels of beliefs stopping us and reprogram them so they align with what we desire most. The good news? It doesn’t take rocket science to do this – there are tried and true techniques to both uncover all levels of belief and reprogram all of them.

The most miraculous part of aligning your beliefs is that it ends up taking way less hard work and energy to get to your desire because your beliefs work FOR you not against you, like invisible helpers!

Focus your efforts and resources on your beliefs first and watch your desires become real over and over again!


Supporting your every dream,

Bec xoxox

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The #1 Personal Success Block Most Women Face

The #1 Personal Success Block Most Women Face


Do you have an invisible force holding you back from personal success? Not just outer success – like a home, partner and vocation you love – but inner success too… peace of mind, fulfillment of soul and vibrant health.

If you feel blocked in one or more of these areas, you are not alone!

The vast majority of us women face blocks keeping us from this holistic level of personal success. And it’s not for lack of trying! The personal development industry has an astounding net worth of 11 billion dollars and growing!

We women are working hard to reach personal success worldwide. We are reprogramming our mindsets, becoming emotionally empowered, connecting to our purpose and learning and applying Universal Laws of energy. We are 12-stepping, workshopping, and journalling more than ever.

But fundamentally there is one umbrella block we must all overcome to flourish.

Overcoming the block I am referring to is the start and finish of all personal success.

(It’s been a hot topic with every single one of my clients these days.)

Ready for it?


In other words: our opinions and conclusions.

And not just any opinions and conclusions but specifically those that harm us. Those that are rooted in fear, lies and lack. Those that separate us from others, from our divine nature and from Universal truth.

For instance:

Any conclusion that someone or something (including yourself) is bad or wrong: “I will never get it right!”

Any opinion that someone is unworthy or lesser: “He doesn’t deserve a hug right now!”

Any judgement that shames, blames or rejects: “I am disgusted about what she did to me!”


When we hold these judgements in our hearts and minds (consciously or not) – they affect no one and nothing but US!

These judgements lower our personal gravity and vibration, they push our desires away from us, cause sabotage and destruction and MAKE. LIFE. HARD.

Uncovering and releasing these judgements is usually the last frontier before we can step into the lush personal success waiting for each of us.

So how do we do that?


By accepting, gracing and blessing ALL things, people, events, experiences (“bad,” “good,” “wrong,” “right”) with LOVE. The limitless love within you.

Success is an “outer” outcome of your “inner” energetic alignment with love!


Today as you walk through your life pay attention to your inner dialogue.

What are your still judging about you, your experiences, others or the world around you?

Forgive your judgement and shower whatever you are judging with love and grace.

I know it sounds a bit “woo,” but literally hold you hand up and bless what ever it is, near or far!

It’s remarkably simple, yet challenging. In the most profound way, it will pave the path into your ultimate PERSONAL SUCCESS!



Gracing and blessing YOU,

Bec xoxo

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Our Secret 7th Sense… and How to Use It!

Our Secret 7th Sense… and How to Use It!


You’ve heard of our 6th sense of intuition, right?

If you’ve ever dabbled in developing it you probably discovered how useful your intuition is for clarity, decision-making and walking the most joyful path in life.

Unfortunately, intuitive development is not really main steam yet and we have a ways to go before our kids are learning it in school! Once our intuition becomes as recognized as our other senses, the world will see a huge shift out of fear-mode and into peace and ease!

Like our other senses – the more we use our intuition the more keen it gets and the more helpful it becomes in reaching our deepest desires. It blatantly guides us to the people, ideas and resources we need. That’s one of the reasons I make it a high priority skill to develop with all my clients.


But there is another extremely powerful sense we all have the ability to develop. One that’s kind of secret.

Some of us naturally use it, yet many of us haven’t tapped into it.

This sense has the capacity to heal relationships, slash limiting beliefs, transform emotions and bring about limitless joy.

It even has the power to bring you closer to the divine.

Can you guess what it is?


It’s your sense of HUMOR.

And no, I’m not joking;)

What’s remarkable about our sense of humor is that it IS mainstream – humans have been cultivating humor for millennia – we love to laugh and inherently know that is is GOOD for us on a deep level.

But what’s even more remarkable is that we are largely unaware of the power of developing and using our sense of humor – CONSCIOUSLY- to thrive in our lives.


The following are some examples of how to use your 7th sense of humor to reach your deepest desires and attain lightness, peace, freedom and joy:

1. When you are in an argument with someone you love, activate humor by laughing at something about the situation – heavy drama can be super funny if you step outside of it for a second.

2. When you are afraid of a situation imagine a ridiculous version of your reality – like the ol’ public speaking trick to imagine everyone in the audience naked!

3. When feeling blue, start fake laughing – make it silly so the silliness further feeds your laughter.

4. Relish the witty and humorous ways the Universe brings you signs – yes – humor is the preferred language of the Divine Intelligence/subconscious/quantum field etc.

5. Whenever you feel very serious, ask yourself “what if none of this mattered,” or shrug your shoulders with a chuckle and a “so what?”


Activating our sense of humor raises our vibration and personal gravity.

It releases highly beneficial hormones in the brain that trigger a natural healing high - keeping us young inside and out.

And if you need any other reasons to develop you sense of humor here’s one more: humor is infectious in the best way. It instantaneously jumpstarts the vibration of those around us and has a massive ripple effect of joy and elation. It connects and bonds us together and stokes intimacy – with loved ones and strangers alike! It paves the way to forgiveness, release and gratitude. Plus when we are more joyful we are healthier and more effective which leads to more productivity and success.

So what will you commit to doing today to flex your sense of humor?

In reverence for your smile,

Bec xoxo

PS. If you wish to learn more about raising your vibration and personal gravity to reach your deepest desires be sure to apply for a Discovery Session with me here.