5 Ways to Stay Happy This Summer

5 Ways to Stay Happy This Summer

If you are anything like, me you LOVE summer!

But, you’ve probably noticed summer comes with it’s own happiness challenges:

~ Regular schedules and routines shift or fall by the wayside leaving us a bit wobbly

~ More social gatherings occur, some of which can trigger drama or unhealthy habits

~ The urge to play or travel in the sunshine is strong despite commitments that keep us “busy”

~ The heat slows us down and can zap our energy

As we shift into summer mode, it’s important to make sure we stay on top of our emotional wellness so we can optimize these magical months and create memories to cherish! Here are 5 of the “hottest” ways to stay happy this summer:

1. Love Yourself Up

Flex your self-love muscle to ward off any feelings of “missing out” on adventures or connection. I keep a juicy list of things I can do to fill my own cup posted somewhere I can see it regularly. From “have a bath with fresh lavender,” to “take a 3-day juice cleanse,” my self-love hit list runs the gamut. There’s literally something for any time frame, weather condition or mood for easy reference if I’m feeling restless or in need of an emotional boost.

2. Learn Something New

Play on the edge of your comfort zone and set your sights on a personal development project over the 3 summer months. What have you always wanted to learn, research, explore or get better at? Interested in vegan cooking? Upping your yoga ante? Leverage the weather and longer days if it’s an outdoor activity like hiking or painting plein air. A project will give your summer a satisfying focus and theme that will make it memorable!

3. Make Fresh Connections

Add some new faces to your social connections! Getting to know new people keeps our intimacy faculties well-oiled. And it’s been scientifically proven that connecting with others is one of the major factors of well-being. Is it time to start dating casually? How about reaching out to an acquaintance to get to know her better and have some fun together? Is there an interest group or networking group you’ve been eyeing – go check it out!

4. Create Space

When was the last time you purged your home? Summer is a great time to eliminate unused or unwanted “stuff” from your environment. When we pare down our belongings to only what’s most dear and essential it creates a lightness within us. Simplify your life and create even more space by curbing your consumption of new “stuff!” Space in our environment invites space in our minds and hearts as we have less to attend to and manage. Another good strategy to find inner and outer space is to get into nature as often as possible :)

5. Commit to a Daily Practice

The key to optimizing happiness year round is to have your own daily Personal Energy Management practice. Set aside a sacred 10-30 minute time slot every day and commit to resetting your inner vibration. Your Practice could be as simple as meditating or you can have a sequence of rituals. This summer my morning ritual begins with a 15-minute meditation followed by intention and belief management exercises and is topped of with either yoga or a trail run. Starting my day this way is essential not only to my happiness but to my success in all areas. And remember, it’s ok if we miss a day here and there, the magic happens in recommitting again and again!

To your summer of infinite bliss,

Bec xoxo

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How to Prioritize Your Dreams and Desires

How to Prioritize Your Dreams and Desires


Do you have a bucket list of things you want to create in your life?

Relationship visions, vocational dreams, money goals, health goals, places to live or travel to, creative exploits, etc.?

Ever find it tricky to make significant progress with any one desire, because you get distracted by the others?

Our goals and dreams can often overwhelm us because there are just so many areas of life that we have desires in!

In my 20s and early 30s I always had many plates spinning at a time, in hopes that spinning each plate a little would get them all flying high.

Truth is, making progress towards our dreams and desires requires focus: focused intention, attention and action. Significant energy and resources are lost in splitting our attention and efforts in many directions.

When we approach our dreams and desires with a project to project mentality, we actually become more efficient and effective in creating outcomes.

That’s not to say we should ignore all our desires except our main focus. Rather, we must be strategic about when to focus on secondary desires and how much of our resources we should direct towards them.

So how do we know what desire or project we should prioritize? And how do we prioritize our secondary desires?

We get to know them!

The more we understand our dreams and desires (where they come from, why they are important, what they will bring us and what we will do once we have created them), the easier it is to priority sequence them!

Here are 10 questions that you can use to assess and organize the desires on your bucket list! I recommend creating a chart of your desires, listing them down the left side of a large piece of paper and writing these questions across the top.

1. When and how was this desire triggered?

2. Is this desire authentic? (Could it be someone else’s that I have taken on? Could it be outdated or have I outgrown it?)

3. Is there a hidden, more authentic desire underneath this desire and if so, what is it? (NOTE: If there is, replace the desire with the deeper one.)

4. Why is this desire important?

5. What will creating this cause me to feel?

6. What must I create first to make it possible?

7. What will I be able to create after I create this?

8. What will happen if I don’t create this?

9. On a scale of 1-10, how urgent is the creation of this desire?

Using these questions will help you see very clearly where to begin on your list of dreams. If there are two or more desires vying for the same spot on your priority sequence then there’s one more question that will help you clarify even more:

10. Which desire gets me MOST excited?

Once you know your priority sequence you may even discover a divine pattern in which one desire  feeds the next! Working through these questions can feel like solving a life puzzle!

You can also use these questions with any single desire to simply understand it better. They will help activate excitement, inspiration and clarity that will propel you into creation!

Now go forth and create,

Bec xoxo

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7 Questions To Identify Your Life’s Purpose

7 Questions To Identify Your Life’s Purpose


Ever feel like you were born to do something in particular, but you have no clue what that something is?

Do you have a sense that what you are doing or how you are currently living, isn’t 100% “you?”

Deep down, you know there’s something deeper, something more authentic and fulfilling that you are meant to be doing. You know you have a unique purpose for being here and not knowing what that purpose is, keeps you on edge and distracted in your life!

I remember waking up to this edginess for years, feeling like I was not really me! Like there was a gaping hole in my life.

I tried to fill that hole in all sorts of ways, thinking that if I was successful, well-loved and important the hole would go away. But no matter how much money was made, how many projects and businesses were created, how many relationships were had or how many self-help books were read, the hole remained. Empty.

Until I discovered the key powerful questions that uncovered my purpose I felt:

exhausted and overwhelmed,

anxious and afraid,

depressed and paralyzed,

unworthy and not enough,

even judgemental of others!

These emotional states fractured my relationships, abolished fun and joy, decreased my health and wealth levels, and rendered me ineffective and inefficient.

It took a life breakdown for me to stop looking outside for who I was (and what I was here to create) and start looking within for some big answers. I hired powerful mentors who revealed key questions that would guide me to the places within that I hadn’t even though to look – and who held me accountable to face and answer those questions. 

The following 7 questions are the main questions that will open your eyes to your purpose. Once you answer them, you will begin to see patterns in your answers that show you your creative path.

Create sacred, distraction-free time with yourself to ask and answer the following:

a) What are my gifts and talents?

b) What are my deepest values?

c) What are my skills and learnings?

c) What are my passions?

d) What are my desires?

e) What are the wisdoms I have gleaned from challenges?

f) How do I want to make a difference on this planet?

Once answered, take a look at everything you’ve uncovered and start connecting the dots. What themes repeat themselves in your answers, what things appear as if they go together. Ask someone close to you what patterns they see that perhaps you can’t!

For example say you go through your answers and the repeat themes reveal this:

Are a gifted painter and you are passionate about teaching and youth. You value freedom of expression, adventure and empowering others. You’ve always wanted to travel the world to gather and share inspiration. You endured and thrived through bullying in school thereby cultivating a skill of healthy expression and self-love, and every time you hear of a girl who is being bullied you wish you could whisper in her ear to give her the tools that helped you!

Can you see the threads of purpose in this example? Can you see how this purpose can be expressed in life?

  • Annual trips to other counties, teaching young girls to express through art?
  • Creating a workshop, book or course about self-expression and self-love?
  • Painting works of art that are sold to raise funds for anti-bullying causes?

There are many ways this purpose can be expressed – it is ultimately the expression of purpose that fills the void and allows us to thrive and evolve.

Begin by asking and exploring then take the next steps and design a plan to LIVE your purpose out loud!

Filling your void,

Bec xoxo

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