10 Quick Fixes to Get Happy Fast


Do you get trapped in unhappiness and stress longer than you’d like?

Does your relationship, work life or body “trigger” you a LOT… and you’d like to be able to escape your bad feelings fast so you can get on with the good stuff?

Having a few quick fixes up your sleeve to get out of a emotional ruts can have a HUGE effect on your quality of life.

Managing emotions fast and on the spot can save your relationship, earn you more money and even lengthen your life span! A positive emotional state has been proven to increase our brain function and decrease stress and reactivity.

I’m serious.

That’s why I wanted to share with you 10 tricks I use to shift my emotional state as quickly and easily as I can.

For example, when I get triggered by my daughter’s pre-teen mood swings or hear about the tragic events happening on our planet lately, I use one or more of the following tricks to rebalance my state. This gives me back my energy, willpower, enthusiasm and focus. It allows me to to show up in an optimal state and be effective, peaceful and solution-oriented. Plus I can spread happiness wherever I go (believe me, there is no shortage of folks that could use a dose of positive energy to help them get through their day!)

  1. Take three deep breaths.
  2. Hold a smile – even if you don’t mean it.
  3. Focus (with all you might) on what IS working in the moment, however simple or mundane.
  4. Bless that/them which trigger/s you.
  5. Forgive radically. Including yourself.
  6. Kindly and indefinitely exit a toxic situation to “go to the bathroom.”
  7. State the Hoponopono prayer in your mind: “Thank you. I’m sorry. I love you.”
  8. Hug yourself.
  9. Hand your problem or the negative emotion over to the Divine. Literally say, ” Here, please manage, thanks.”
  10. Move yourself – even briefly, walk or exercise asap.

So, which ones will you try?

I personally challenge you to try one TODAY. Copy and paste this list into the “notes” on your phone or computer so you can have them at your fingertips!

Trust me, your relationships, your health and your bank account will thank you:)


Much love and support,

Bec x

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Top 5 Happiness-Boosting Tips for Fall


Are you feeling the emotional effects of these shorter, colder days yet?

Anticipating the stress of the upcoming holidays and the race to year end?

As fall slides into winter there’s often a bit of an energetic paradox going on in our “Western” lives. We sense our natural urge to slow down, turn in and conserve YET culturally, there’s an upswing into busy-ness and activity. Life bustles with festivities and school-, home- or work-related commitments and projects.

This paradox can drum up inner conflict that manifests as exhaustion, stress, reactivity and other emotional upheaval. That’s why it is as important as ever to manage your Happiness Levels during this time of year!

Here are my top 5 Happiness-boosting tips to carry you through this magical and transitional season so you can coast towards the end of the year with a full heart, a calm and steady mind and a vibrant body!


1. Prioritize your physical health.

During the fall and winter we tend to become less consistent with our physical health habits. Festive events tempt us with food and beverages that are low in nutrients and high in sugar. The lack of sun and warmth gives us reason to skip our walks, hikes or outdoor activities. We get to bundle a bit more so we aren’t as motivated to sustain our optimal fitness and we tell ourselves “we’ll just recover in the new year…”

Sustaining our physical health habits this season is critical to keep us feeling good (and I don’t just mean feeling good about how we look!) Research shows that eating too much sugar and refined or processed foods, changes our brain chemistry in a way that takes a toll on our memory and ability to learn and it is linked to depression and dimentia. What we eat has the power to negatively impact what we think, and optimized thinking is one of the most important Happiness-boosting tools we have. Lack of exercise has also been linked to depression and negative thinking. Commit to sustaining moderate exercise as much as possible, even if you have to take it inside or do it without the sun!

2. Carve out time for yourself.

The last quarter of the year is a powerful time for reflection and planningkey habits to affect change and progress in life! Dedicating time for this now, allows you to organize your vision for the upcoming year so that by the time January 1st rolls around, you can feel clear and confident about the direction you will take moving forward! This helps eliminate “year-end anxiety” by activating enthusiasm and focus.

It’s easy to stay busy with family and friends this time of year but the colder, shorter days are ideal conditions to engage in some self-loving hibernation. Schedule in self-immersion: review your year, update goals, celebrate wins, dream, ask high quality questions, hook into your evolved vision and start mapping out a plan! Also take time to express yourself creatively and emotionally: write a poem, sketch, sing, journal what you are feeling and thinking – expression is a top Happiness-booster! Your life is your greatest masterpiece… give it the attention it deserves.

3. Meditate.

I believe meditation is the single most underrated skill on the planet. The proven benefits of meditation are stunning: more energy and clarity, sharper intuition, more confidence and joy, less stress, less illness…the list goes on. Meditation is one of the most effective tools I use to sustain my own health, wealth and happiness. Fall and winter are ideal seasons to begin or amp up a meditation practice. Whether you choose to do a 5-minute-sit-in-stillness kind or a walking-in-nature-to-your-favorite-tunes type – taking the time to reset your mind and heart regularly keeps your Happiness set point high.

Don’t know how to meditate? There are a ton of resources online and many community centers and yoga studios offer beginner training. This particular tip will actually make the other 4 tips mentioned in this post easier and render you more likely to do them…so if you only do one thing, start here!

4. Hang out in a “Power Feeling State.”

According to my research, training and experience there are 5 “feeling states” that are most effective in creating and sustaining the causes and conditions for Happiness. I call them the “Power Feeling States” and learning to cultivate them wherever, whenever, as often as possible is critical for lasting happiness. They are: JOY, GRATITUDE, LOVE, ENTHUSIASM and FULFILLMENT.

So how do we activate these vibrations within us at random? Visualizing a memory when we felt one of these, or a future outcome where this state would occur is effective. We can also summon these states through simply focusing on the word and repeating in in our mind like a mantra. We can “plant” things in our environment that trigger these states like affirmations, scents, images or even use music! Get good at this every day and watch magic unfold in your life this season!

5. Breathe.

Rushing around, bundling up, running through rain and snow…fall/winter can be a hustle! When we hustle, we go into a mini state of anxiety (think”fight or flight”) and we stop breathing. Earlier this year, during my yoga teacher training I discovered that most of us normally breathe in 1/8 of our lung capacity. ONE EIGHTH! This is because we are never taught how to breath properly.

There are two levels of breathing: survival breathing (the short, shallow, common breath that keeps us alive) and conscious breathing (deep, O2-rich breathing that replenishes our body and brain with what they need to stay calm and peaceful.) Conscious breathing requires us to develop breathing muscles – just like we would go to the gym and lift weights. When we strengthen these, we automatically breather deeper and fuller. Make a note on your bathroom mirror to take 10 deep belly breaths every morning. And the next time you are hustling – slow down and breathe consciously to feel better!


These Happiness-boosting tips are important year-round, and cultivating them now will give you a leg up as you transition through the seasons ahead! For your optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Happiness, implement one starting today! Which will you choose? All aspects of your life will get a boost: your relationships, family life, health and vitality, your work life etc. Each one of these tips amps up clarity, productivity, confidence and overall satisfaction…truly a recipe for Happiness this fall and beyond!

Much love,

Bec xoxo



Create the Life You REALLY Want (Part 3)



Ever find yourself …WAITING… for your dreams to come true?

For a relationship that actually works?

An abundant and reliable stream of money?

A lifestyle that is fun and healthy?


You get close, but then something happens that widens the gap between you and deepest desires?

The relationship ends up not working…again?

Another opportunity to get ahead financially goes sideways?

You start to make progress on your health or creative goals, but as usual, “life” gets in the way?


It’s frustrating and confusing when we just can’t seem to grasp what our soul is urging us to create! It can put us in a downward spiral of blaming, complaining and can even trigger stress, coping habits and depression. And that just makes us even less apt to create what we desire moving forward…

But there is a way to break this disappointing cycle in life.

In the last two posts we covered the first couple skill sets that are critical for living the life we really want (and deserve). Those skill sets, respectively, are HEALING the layers of who we are not and REVEALING and aligning to who we really are. And they both must be learned and applied FIRST before the final step I am about to share or the final step won’t close the gap between you and your desires!

(Be sure to read the first two posts by clicking on the skills above if you haven’t already!)


OK, so it’s time to uncover the third and final skill set you will need to absolutely thrive and joyfully create the life you REALLY want. Ready?

The final skill set is CREATING our reality.

Creation involves understanding how we create our entire reality from the inside out. Exactly what we experience (or do not experience) in our life is in our hands, whether we realize it or not.

Many of us create our lives unconsciously. We have goals in mind and do things we think will help us reach them. But most of us are winging it when it comes to our desires OR we are just using a portion of the power we have to create our reality. The way I see it, our lives are our greatest creative masterpiece, so just like a painter or sculptor we must have a creative process!

The process of creating our reality requires 3 sub-skills:

  1. DAILY CLARITY: Setting clear and detailed intentions for our desires and then feeding those intentions daily
  2. DAILY VIBRATION MANAGEMENT: Magnetizing our desires towards us through the right activation of feelings (Law of Attraction)
  3. DAILY ACTION: Taking daily action steps towards our desire

(Can you see a theme of daily consistency here? It is KEY!)


If we are missing ANY one of these steps (or not applying them consistently), then there’s a good chance our desires will stay out of reach, or at least take a LOOOONG time to manifest!

Learning how to create our reality properly is something that most people never do because they’re never exposed to the (ancient) wisdom or they don’t believe the wisdom works. Or they have tried CREATING their reality BUT have overlooked the first two critical skills of HEALING and REVEALING and their past patterns are sabotaging their creative efforts.

That is why I teach all three of these skill sets together in my programs, not just one or two! They are each necessary for us to return to our natural state of effortless creation. And that is where we access unlimited joy and abundance.

The truth is, once you practice and apply all three of the skill sets I have shared with you, you will never experience life the same way again.

You will never again have reason to blame or complain.

You will know exactly what to do each day, what is getting in you way and how to remove those blocks.

And most importantly, you will able to create the life your soul is urging you to because creation works the same for all areas of life: relationships, vocation, lifestyle, creativity, health, body, wealth and so forth!

If you are done with winging it in your life and you are ready to be the steward of your experiences, there’s no better time than now to learn these skill sets. Usually when you learn them they become impossible to keep to yourself – just like a good book or movie – and you will want to teach others, especially those closest to you. Knowing these skills is like knowing the winning lottery number in advance – they are guaranteed to have you WIN in your life! The sooner you learn them the more life you will be able to truly and powerfully LIVE!

Don’t wait to thrive,

Bec xoxo

PS. As mentioned in the last two posts, I am offering a *new* opportunity to learn these skills that, up until now, have only been taught in my private one-on-one coaching programs. Starting in November, the INSPIRED LIVING Small Group Program is an accessible alternative to access the same wisdom and yet the group is small enough for each participant to get focused attention and support. To learn more about the program and if it’s right for you, sign up for a free 30 minute Discovery Session with me here.