How To Be Happy For the Rest of Your Life


Are you done pretending to be happy?

In a relationship that’s fractured, in a job that drains your soul, in a body that you don’t want to hang out in anymore…

This is for all of you who are tired of the struggle and the confusion of dissatisfaction…tired of feeling unhappy when everyone else is doing GREAT!

Tired of wondering when your time will come… of feeling as though you have to sacrifice what you want to feel… just to get through each day.

Tired of all the ADVICE that never works!

This is an opportunity for you if you have been wanting more consistent strategies to feel free, authentic and joyful – without breaking the bank or hours of therapy!

What I’m going to tell you about is not a pipe dream. And it’s not a get-happy-quick gimmick!  The truth is it’s going to take some effort on your side BUT THIS WORKS!


HappinessNowThis audio program features 5 modules of PRACTICAL TECHNIQUES for people like you who want to know how to master their emotional experience and feel great regardless of what’s holding them down in life:


Discover the 7 most important skills to master so you can recover from any emotional pain
FAST and move into the energy of RIGHT CHANGE.

      • So that you can get out of being in a rut FAST
      • To create a foundation for lasting success
      • Be able to follow through on your goals
      • Stop procrastinating
      • And much much more…


Discover where all your suffering is really coming from so it will never blindside you again
plus find out how to become resilient and emotionally FREE.

      • Close out unhappy thoughts for good
      • Know what you like and don’t like
      • Discover who you really are
      • Align with your highest power
      • Start living a PURPOSE driven life


Learn how to engage in the greatest love story of all time and why doing so will
drastically improve all your relationships for life!

      • Deserve Level process
      • Mirroring for Un-Conditional Love
      • Create new Patterns
      • This is probably THE most important module of the program


Develop your own detailed Pivot Process around what’s blocking your Happiness
most so you are prepared to finally move through and out of your emotional burden for good.

      • Deep process to shift out of a destructive moment
      • Finding your Bliss
      • Establishing Personal Power
      • Becoming the CEO of your life


Learn how to specifically engineer your emotional experience in order to draw
into your life your biggest dreams for the future!

      • Step by Step Life Plan
      • Dream Big Section
      • Finding true happiness
      • Road map to your Dream Life
      • And much much more….


This is my way of offering you an affordable option to get the strategies and the support you need to experience life how you truly want to.

People everywhere are stepping up and choosing to create happiness for themselves from exactly where they are because they are realizing the power it has to effectively solve life’s problems and relieve them of the viscous cycle of burdens that have been keeping them stuck for years.

For many of us, it’s felt like we couldn’t feel great until we achieved some accomplishment or outcome…

It’s often felt like striving for happiness through love, money, a perfect body or job – leaves us empty in a different way, confused, like:

“Shouldn’t this be it, shouldn’t I feel better now?”


We lose hope of finding something deeper because we have no idea where to look. But we know there’s more.

Now more than ever it is becoming known that cultivating inner Happiness not only causes us to feel great but it draws to us possibilities and opportunities we could never even imagine, ultimately showing us the way to our ultimate expression: a PURPOSE driven life. 

You CAN consistently emotionally experience the life you truly want. And the best news is it’s not about changing who you are!

It’s about using these mental strategies and emotional processes with an accountability network that can help you reposition the way you operate in the world.

Trust me when I say: not all the money in the world nor a 50 year long marriage can give to you the divine grace and power that understanding these principals can.

I have heard from millionaires and long-term married couples alike that still felt they were not in the driver’s seat of their emotional experience.

This know-how has a way of equalizing us ALL with the same power, no prerequisites, no conditions, no fortune or soulmate required. You just gotta want to feel great!

Now you could spend THOUSANDS of dollars and years of your life in therapy (I did!) but it was these principals that really helped me love my life…and they are available to you for a fraction of the cost.

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The truth is, my own life story is filled with struggle and failure.

I’ve chased the false Happiness that comes from new love and big achievement.

I know the frustration of:

  • working hard to create conditions that make me feel great about life THEN feeling strangely worse after reaching those conditions when that Happiness fades
  • wanting to solve what weighs me down over and over again yet NOT knowing the best steps to take

While I had a “great life” to anyone looking in, there was no real connection to my living experience.

I was SPIRITUALLY scattered, emotionally unruly and ignorant of the consequences of my mental processes.

We are the same if you feel like:

  • you may never “figure out” life
  • you are not a good role model for your children
  • you may never make enough money to live your dreams
  • you might live a mediocre life of self sabotage and uncertainty forever
  • you are ashamed of the choices you’ve made, of your debt, your marriage, your career outcome…even ashamed of your own shame, anger or insecurity!

I hated myself for not knowing what to do or how to solve or make things happen the way I always saw them.

If your body aches with anxiety, if you forget to breathe constantly, or are sick with stress, I know what that’s like.

If you hide from the world and yourself,  if you wake up panicked or fractured, if you have to talk yourself through each day, I have been there.

AND I KNOW…  you can feel free from your stress and negative feelings once you know these secrets.

Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to “make your life work,” trying to get it right before you give yourself permission to feel HAPPY!  That’s a backwards approach, I already tried it and it doesn’t work. 

After my whirlwind of bad feelings tore apart my 8-year marriage and crushed my little girl I began a period of deep grieving and self-reflection. I knew there had to be something I was missing!
…And I was right.  So trust me when I say this to you.  Working out your feelings without these tools would be a BIG MISTAKE!

Let’s rebuild your life together! Before you lose any more of it!

Although I was able to reinvent my entire life in two years, I can short cut this learning curve for you!

My success was a mixture of channeled wisdom and knowledge collected over 10 years, combined with surrounding myself with resources and rituals that helped me thrive. It’s all wrapped up for you in these 5 weeks!


But before we continue, we’ll need to agree on a few things:

* that you feel it’s time for you to step within yourself.

* that it’s time to stop waiting and time to start taking action.

* that it’s time for you to stop getting emotional whiplash from life’s roller coaster (and believe that it’s possible to do so).

I need you to agree that it is possible to feel emotionally amazing in your life NO MATTER WHAT is going on around you.

Why do I need your agreement?

Because without a belief that all of this is possible, nothing else matters.

I can’t teach you desire or to want more for yourself.

I can’t convince you that you’re capable of so much more than you could ever possibly realize.


We create our reality through our beliefs.

And many of you have probably found that leading a deeply joyful and easy life that you love is not easy.

I know that you WANT to believe that it’s possible to live in confidence, intimacy, abundance and satisfaction (and you may have even had spurts of this), but found you weren’t able to maintain it the first time around or were knocked over by something out of left field.

I’ll go one step further and say that those struggles may have even made you a little bit pessimistic that this could really be the case.

Believe it or not, all of this is good news.

Because if you’ve still got the desire to feel consistently great in a life you love across the board, then you’ll be excited to hear what I’ve got to tell you.

I’ve spent the last year heavily testing, improving and implementing the emotional secrets that you need to break your cycle of “SURVIVING” what’s weighing you down so you can get relief from it and feel great regardless of what comes at you.

I know the exact steps to get you there. I know because I’ve used them in my own life and effectively taught them to my clients and loved ones.

The good news is I can help you move past the feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and confusion and move you right into the pleasure of knowing what to do to experience the feelings you love most.

You can now have a clarity and power around your well being like never before as I show you how to build sustainable Happiness from where you are right now!



It’s specifically designed for people who are ready for big CHANGE and who want the emotional and spiritual support to live a life that they truly love.


The premise of this one-of-a-kind program is to give you the mental, emotional and spiritual fundamentals needed to build an approach to everyday life that makes you highly resilient to suffering and a extremely effective and creating the life you’ve always wanted.

Whether you’re dealing with a broken relationship, job dissatisfaction, or you are just sick of letting your burdens get in the way of feeling great these tools will serve you.

Whether you’re looking to feel better about a bad situation or enrich your life by filling in those nagging voids this program will help.


Here’s what you need to know…

When you invest in this powerful transformational program you get:

  • 5 Audio Training Calls – 60 minutes each (Value $1500)
  • In-depth workbooks for each module (Value $50)
  • And an ADDED BONUS! Full Access to over 10 hours of video and MP3 in The SECRETS to LASTING HAPPINESS Interview Series Vault – These are priceless teachings that have already changed thousands of people’s lives with today’s top transformational leaders worth well over $2000.

So you can see the value of of what you receive in this program is over $2000, but I want your happiness as much as you do – see your happiness makes my world a better place so that’s why I’m only asking for you to invest the equivalent of what one therapy session would cost.

Everything can change for you for a simple investment of $197.

It’s simple.

As someone who started off trying to manage her Happiness alone from the outside I know how hard it can be to ask for help when you’re scared,  how scary it can be to invest money when you’re just trying to get your life straight in so many areas.

I won’t lie. I invest thousands annually in myself because I know how valuable it is to have guidance and support.



If the answer is YES, then I invite you to experience:

Happiness Now: The Inner Way Program!

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If you’re scared, that’s ok.

That may even be a good thing.

The truth is we don’t grow full by doing things that keep us comfortable in mediocrity. We grow by taking on the types of challenges that help us to evolve. I’d like to be the person to inspire you.

So if you’re interested, but scared, I invite you to try out the program anyway because you still have an out.

I personally guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the program you can return it for a full refund no questions asked. And I will still love you after:)

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t LOVE it after trying course within 30 days, no problem, I’ll refund you fully!




But if the time is now and you have no interest in going backwards do not shelf your happiness.

It has been proven that happier people make more money, have better relationships and health, have happier children and have fewer regrets.

Sign up now to be one of those people.

Yes, I’m committed to investing in my Happiness NOW!

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