“I was going through a difficult transitional time when I started coaching with Bec.  I really needed clarity and the courage to chose the most meaningful life path.  I also needed tools to facilitate these changes.  Bec helped me answer difficult questions, clarify what would bring the most meaning into my life, and find the tools necessary to implement change.  Her advice was invaluable and her loving and supportive approach gave me the confidence I needed to start living a more meaningful life.”

Jud Tylor, Actress, Los Angeles CA “Two and Half Men, Mad Men, That 70’s Show”

“I got an opportunity to coach Bec for a year and she blew my mind. Bottom line when you get a chance to coach with someone who cares about people as much as Bec does you don’t second guess yourself. She works hard for her clients and won’t stop until you get what you came for. She’s not someone who just talks about theory. She has proven strategies to help any person overcome stress and fear and become the person they were meant to be! I’d say if you get a chance to work with her then JUMP! Your happiness isn’t something you want to hold back from.”

Shanda Sumpter, Del Mar CA, Business & Success Coach http://www.heartcorewomen.com

“I couldn’t have made it this far without Bec’s support and insight.  Her openness has been a life-saver, and it’s a trait that is hard to find.  With Bec’s help, I finally feel good about my dream.  An additional surprise popped up in using her “18 Ways” in brainstorming how to monetize my purpose. I discovered that my education and experience is on track with my purpose.  I wouldn’t have discovered that without Bec’s guidance.  I am eternally grateful.”

Tanya S., Environmental Sustainability Expert, Aspen CO

“Bec is someone who has influenced me in so many ways.  She has an ability to get me to focus on what is working, trust the process and encourages me to be true to myself by harnessing some very powerful tools. She is a gifted woman who knows how to connect with people at a soul level and get them to understand what is most important to them in order to live from a place of joy, happiness and abundance.  Lean in and listen close, Bec has the knowledge to help you unlock what makes you light up and fulfill your purpose!”

Britta Aragon, New York NY, Skin Care Revolutionary | Founder, Cinco Vidas + CV SKinlabs http://www.cincovidas.com

“I was looking for coaching since I was feeling disconnected from my life, and my life was feeling disconnected from me. I was conscious of this separation in different areas of my life. I was not getting the results I wanted in my career, in my relationship and especially within myself. Since I have enrolled in Bec’s program, I have increased my confidence, expressed myself better, developed more consistency, and brought more fun into my life. Bec is a sweet and incredibly smart woman to have as your guide, encouraging you to be the best person that you are, and setting yourself free. She shares her knowledge in a way that is easy to understand and follow. She walks her talk, and shows you that living a life that you are proud of and truly want is possible to reach! I am exploring myself in ways I have never imagined in a safe environment hand in hand with Bec. I am confident that each day I am getting closer to my intentions, discovering my own truths, and getting more motivated about life, and the changes I want to make.”

Melissa Q., Panama City Panama, Teacher and Yoga Instructor

“Just one conversation with Bec Robbins gave me such deep insight that I literally felt chills throughout my body. She helped me connect to a deeper part of myself that I had been ignoring for years, a part of myself that knows instinctively how to be happy and most alive. Bec is truly connected to herself and to her own heart and she has the power of inspiring others, not only by her brilliant mind but by her deep presence.”

Nicole Moore, Love Expert and Coach, Founder “Love Works Method” http://www.loveworksmethod.com/