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Here’s the SECRET that changed my life forever:

Anything you intend for in life happens more easily, enjoyably and effortlessly when you are Happy.

Yes, Happiness is the shortcut to ANYTHING.

How would you like to activate LASTING HAPPINESS within yourself immediately using the intimate and personal secrets that 31 of the the brightest beacons in personal transformation use in their lives! 

Secrets To Lasting Happiness Event 2012 Speakers

Think of life as a ROAD TRIP.

Now imagine if you had no map. No GPS. No idea where to fuel, eat and sleep. No roadside assistance or emergency packs.

How tired, hungry, lost and frustrated would you be?

Even IF you got to your destination, it’d be impossible to enjoy because you’d be in shambles!


Your Happiness is a navigation tool shows you what to pack and how to plan, navigate, troubleshoot and improvise through life.

Once you learn how to activate your own Happiness, no longer depending on OUTSIDE SOURCES for it…your road trip automatically becomes a magnificent and joyful journey. The destination doesn’t even matter anymore!

Can you begin to see WHY it is so IMPORTANT to stop waiting and hoping for Happiness to arrive and start putting your Happiness behind the wheel of your life?

How much longer are you willing to feel bad about what’s not working ?

What if ONE of these secrets could change everything for you?

Give you back your health, restore your marriage, open new gateways of wealth and abundance…find out for yourself!


Gain access now and get:

  • ALL 31 powerful video interviews full of Happiness Secrets from the masters – downloadable in video and mp3 format + The Secrets To Lasting Happiness Cheat Sheet including the top secrets and exercises extracted from the interviews for easy reference and review (value $1000)
  • My 4 Key Questions to Lasting Happiness Playbook to help walk you through designing a Happier life + My ‘Happiness Trigger’ Snapshot exercise used by my guests discover YOUR very own Happiness Triggers (value $39)

The value of the high-level content this program is worth well over $1000, but because I believe we all deserve access to the wisdom that these life masters offer your investment is only $37.


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My mission is to bring you the most powerful resources for your Lasting Happiness.

Becoming Happy saved my life and drastically improved my relationships, finances, confidence, clarity and health. When I became Happy just as I was I truly “GOT IT,” for the first time!

Understanding the secrets to YOUR own Happiness is so powerful I can’t bear for anyone not to learn them.

All great change begins with a simple choice within is. Allow my guests and I to show you how to make that choice TODAY! I guarantee once you see the power, joy and deep fulfillment prioritizing Happiness brings, you’ll want to share it with everyone!

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Loving Your Happiness,
Bec Robbins

Me and my Lil’ Happiness Teacher…my biggest inspiration:)